Property Rights Video Clip

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One of the projects I’m working on at Frontier is a new video clip about a company called GSI – Geophysical Service Incorporated.

Joseph Quesnel, one of my colleagues, has written about GSI before.

GSI conducts seismic surveys and then sells the data they collect to energy companies who use it to help them find resources under the seabed.

Unfortunately, they are locked in legal battles in Atlantic Canada, where provincial governments have been taking their data and giving it to energy companies for free, “for the greater good” of their provinces.

The provincial governments think giving free data to the energy companies will increase the likelihood of the province striking it rich, but in reality it just greatly reduces the incentive for businesses to collect the data in the first place, harming the province’s prospects.

A video that GSI produced themselves is embedded below.

Look out for our video sometime later this month!