Regulatory Institutionalism in Canada

Research Paper, Core Public Sector Reform, Brogan Powlesland

WINNIPEG, MB, December 14, 2017 – The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has just released a new research paper Regulatory Institutionalism in Canada. This research paper is authored by Brogan Powlesland, a research associate with Frontier Centre for Public Policy. The paper examines the negative effects of excessive regulations, while analyzing how regulation is currently affecting business owners and individuals in Canada.

Right now, individuals have very little protection against excessive regulation. This can become problematic if proper research is not undertaken on legislative proposals. More fairness in the drafting of regulation should ensure that an individual has the ability to fight back against regulation that unfairly attacks their freedom to achieve. Business owners who are directly affected by the ill-effects of regulation often have a better idea of how regulations affect them than most bureaucrats. Powlesland proposes a new policy tool, Regulatory Standards.


To read this critical analysis of the effects of excessive regulation and how it affects business owners and individuals, click here: FC208_RegInstitutionalism_DC1517_F1