Frontier Centre for Public Policy Intern wins National Award

Announcement, Healthcare & Welfare, Rodney Clifton

Together with 35 other students from across Canada, predominantly doctoral and post-doctoral students, Masha Krylova, a M.A. student from the University of Manitoba, has been selected to take part in the innovative training program, the Summer Program in Aging (SPA). This annual program is sponsored by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR; Institute of Aging), the main federal health research agency.

This year, the event is host by The Quebec Network for Research on Aging and presents a new interdisciplinary approach to research in aging. The program includes lectures and seminars bringing together relevant research from the biological, genetic, physiological, and psychological sciences. The goal of SPA 2019 is to provide the skilled and motivated participants with a well-rounded understanding of the process of aging, and to help them become active contributors to public health programs and initiatives. The program will run from May 26 to June 1, 2019.

SPA is well-recognized for providing excellent networking opportunities for young scholars and policy specialists. It allows trainees to get to know each other, to work with senior academics, and leading experts and decision makers in government, private, and non-profit organizations from Canada and other countries.

As a nationwide internship, SPA is a highly prestigious event. Having become a SPA 2019 trainee, Masha now has a unique opportunity to expand her professional horizons, to build cutting-edge competencies, and to form valuable connections at research institutes, policy centers, and governments. This program will strengthen her status as a promising researcher and a future policy analyst in Canada.