Questioning Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory

There continues to be little hard evidence of a correlation between carbon dioxide (CO2) increases, caused by humans, and rising temperatures.  While the relationship has been programmed into relatively simplistic […]
Published on July 25, 2019

There continues to be little hard evidence of a correlation between carbon dioxide (CO2) increases, caused by humans, and rising temperatures.  While the relationship has been programmed into relatively simplistic computer models constructed by climate scientists, there is a growing gap between the projections being made and actual reality.

In contrast, the Earth’s climate is an incredibly complex system influenced by hundreds of factors which are incredibly difficult (impossible) to model.  That said, temperature changes generally correlate well with solar activity and the orbits of the sun and earth. Not C02.

CO2 is a comparatively rare gas -making up only .04% of our atmosphere.  For this reason, it is often described as a “trace gas.” About half of that .04% was already in the atmosphere before humans relied on hydrocarbon fuels, which, when burned produced CO2. Most (97%) atmospheric CO2 comes from natural sources like ocean evaporation, plant decomposition, forest fires, and volcanoes – leaving the human produced portion of atmospheric CO2 (3% of .02%) – equal to .0006% of the atmosphere – equivalent to 6 pennies in a jar of 10,000.  This incredibly miniscule contribution is seriously advanced by CAGW proponents as the main/sole driver of climate change.

CO2 levels have little relationship to temperature in geological time scale records (see graph to the left using 600-million-year time period). Shorter term records show that C02 levels lag temperature changes – the opposite of what CAGW theory predicts.  In fact, rising temperatures caused C02 to evaporate from the oceans.

About 550 million years ago during the biologically thriving Cambrian Period of the Paleozoic Era CO2 levels were almost 20 times present levels.

The final caution with the carbon dioxide based computer models at the foundation of CAGW theory is that they overwhelmingly skew towards predicting warming where, in fact, none is occurring (see second graph).  In short, the models appear to be gravely flawed.

Despite the predictions of significant increases in temperature – rapid rising in flooding – huge increases in droughts – none of these things have actually happened.  We see parts of the world about 6% wetter, forested areas growing, deserts shrinking, Polar Bear numbers increasing, and most strikingly, human deaths caused by natural disasters, down by an amazing 90% in the last century.  Crop production is rising, tropical storm numbers are not increasing, but unpredictable weather continues today – as it has for millions of years.  The climate change activist thinks that any and all unpredictable weather is caused by climate change.  It is not. Any historical overview of the world illustrates that extreme weather is the norm – not the exception.  The Bible is replete with stories of storms, floods, and droughts. Climate change didn’t cause the great flood of Noah’s time, or the parting of the Red Sea for Moses.  And there are six separate incidences of droughts in the Bible – lasting up to 7 years.

The climate is a dynamic natural phenomenon; it is always changing due to many natural factors.  Canada, with one of the world’s coldest climates stands to benefit from any warming. Going forward, if there is warming, we can expect a slightly gentler climate for Canada, with fewer droughts, and slightly warmer winter days.  Any rational observer of the cold Canadian climate would recognize that these changes are generally good for the economy – and definitely not harmful.  For Canada, climate change, specifically global warming, brings far more opportunities than it does risks.  Against these facts, taxing and regulating human-produced CO2 will continue to have no impact on climate but will seriously damage living standards by unnecessarily increasing conventional energy costs.


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