Universities Today

Announcement, Education, Philip Carl Salzman

Western Universities have been major contributors to our civilization and others through scientific discovery and humanistic scholarship. Knowledge both old and new has been expanded, enriched, and diffused. Universities have also been an important channel of upward social and economic mobility through academic achievement, thus reinforcing the vision of America as a land of opportunity. But since the 1980s, universities have increasingly turned away from producing and disseminating knowledge and taken up as their objective neo-marxist radical social reform, often labelled “social justice.” Today universities focus on political propaganda and activism, and are increasingly like closed religious cults. America and Western civilization are portrayed as imperialistic, racist, and oppressive, with no redeeming features. In their own functioning, universities’ much vaunted “diversity and inclusion” means favoring preferred genders and races, and excluding others. But diversity of opinion is no where to be seen, as views other than “social justice” are precluded or silenced. Universities have been entirely corrupted by leftist politics, and have contributed massively to the similar corruption of primary and secondary schooling, the civil service, and our legislatures and public officials.

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Philip Salzman is a Senior Fellow at Frontier Centre for Public Policy