Travel Restrictions … Do as I Say Not as I do

Charticle, COVID-19, Government, Frontier Centre

The Alberta Premier initially declined to punish members of his party and staff after news of their travel was revealed, pointing out that his government’s pandemic approach to protecting “lives and livelihoods” included the travel sector.

The premier said he took responsibility for not expressly prohibiting travel abroad for senior government officials. But his defense rang hollow to Canadians of all political persuasions, including fellow conservatives. Those caught were the Municipal Affairs Minister, Calgary-Klein MLA and two education ministry press aides, and a few other politicians that traveled to Mexico and the lower 48 in December. The premier’s chief of staff flew to the United Kingdom and returned via the U.S., even after Ottawa banned flights from the country to try to stem the spread of a more infectious coronavirus variant.  Perhaps it is time for those with such flagrant disregard need to resign their seats or push the recall bill?  What say the people?