THE SMUG AND THE CONFUSED Anybody with the courage and capacity to think rather than just REACT knows that we have not experienced a “pandemic”. The mortality rate for anybody […]
Published on December 28, 2021


Anybody with the courage and capacity to think rather than just REACT knows that we have not experienced a “pandemic”.

The mortality rate for anybody under 70 was .03% – this microscopic figure makes this innocuous bug less dangerous than driving a car. Moreover, the idea that “deadly carriers” were prevalent was never more more than a silly canard. The only citizens at morbidity or mortality risk were the supremely compromised – nearly all of them elderly. These folks were within about 18 months from from death and were not in the workplace nor attending public events.

So what the hell are we left with? People whose age averaged in the early eighties, the vast majority of whom would soon die from the real killers; heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease and dementia. If you take this entire cohort and inject a pharmaceutical nostrum, you only extend what is essentially terminal misery by about 37 days.

This isn’t quantum physics. It is painfully obvious. All you need to do is put two coherent thoughts together and then act on it. But no, you all sat on your hands and bowed down to a tiny collection of chattering, alarmist little civil servants while they proceeded to rip your economy and culture to pieces for no reason – all the while destroying trillions of dollars in wealth. Sensible folks who simply pointed out the obvious were summarily marginalized and vilified by a smug, parroting media.

“Experts” you called these bureaucrats. Your virtue signalling and your shallow capitulation are an insult to consciousness.


We are not experiencing anything new epidemiologically, nor anything interesting. It is astonishing that something so benign to the general population as this massively over-hyped virus has received any traction at all. Big Brother is using a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

If this bug represents no more than a minor medical inconvenience to the general population, then why have we permitted a tiny collection of “health” commissars to decimate our economy,
rip our cultural fabric to pieces, and eviscerate an entire civilization?

How could such a grotesque , unnecessary hysteria ever be invoked? Is it a hoax? No. Is it a plot? No. To understand what is driving this transparent nonsense, we must venture into the deeper reaches of classical reality.

Entropy is disorder in a closed system. It is a powerful dark force. Entropy is everywhere. It is the enemy of analysis and classical reality. Once induced, entropy is impossible to slow down, much less stop. Immersed in entropic systems, people no longer think, they react. Entropic implosion leads to psychosis, a rejection of the real. A protective cocoon forms and society disintegrates into cult.

Examples of entropic mania abound: non-IVDA heterosexual AIDS; the sub-prime fantasy wherein bizarre NINJA loans morphed into virtually worthless derivatives which were again and again blindly accepted by the walking dead in world banks until the global financial system exploded like a nuclear bomb; the Salem witch trials; the tulip craze; Marxism; the South Seas bubble; any number of galactic stock market bubbles embraced by the irrational exuberance of millions. And there are many more.

Entrenched entropy, however, will not be denied. A sycophantic (and shallow) mass media uncritically parroted every piece of scare mongering nonsense these ordained civil servants threw at them until it became a mantra. Weasel words like “pandemic” and “crisis” invaded and overtook the consciousness of the entire population. Prim virtue signalling was now everywhere. Anybody who was not a “true believer” was summarily marginalized as “heartless” – indeed, an enemy of the people. People who simply pointed out the obvious were paid little attention.

There are this number of “cases”, the media scream daily. But to people not supremely compromised these “cases” are little more than a common cold, and the vast majority under 70 have no symptoms at all.

Along with the numbing, scaremongering repetition of the mass media, entropic mania is reinforced by the sterile state. Anyone with even minor exposure to Big Brother knows that he balkanizes, sterilizes, distorts and corrupts everything he touches. It is well documented that, in a public bureaucracy, “the first person to move loses”. It is a game that anyone can play, and everybody does.

Calcification of thought ensues. The die is cast. Entropic mania is unassailable. All is lost. Reality and reason take a holiday.


Entrepreneurs are a special breed. People of action and drive. These are the sluggos who sweat payroll, capitalize risk, and create and produce to an objective dollar standard. Twelve hour days. Restless nights. Truly, it is they who drive society. Everybody else is just along for the ride, including public service “experts” who have extended licence to apply an irresponsible, boneheaded tyranny.

But “experts” know nothing of this hard scrabble reality, its hopes and dreams, its ecstasies and frustrations. This world is only an abstraction to those who know not how it feels. Public functionaries know not what they have wrought, the grotesque nightmare they have invoked. They retain their redundant little sinecures in the security of the mandarinate. And are blissfully unaffected, unexposed.
Politicians feverishly climbed on board this trip to oblivion. The easily stampeded, sycophantic media soon had the hoi polloi drowning in fear.

They should all take a trip down the streets of broken dreams, where truly productive, vibrant men and women’s lives have been suddenly and arbitrarily shattered. By force of circumstance, the author has spent over half a century immersed in their economic lives. Witness, ye state minions, what you have fashioned. Life savings (submerged into capital) forever lost. Maxed out credit cards, teetering second mortgages. Desperation. Hysteria. Government cheese.

To add to the ignominy, these overtaxed, overregulated builders of wealth must now bow down to the sterile state and are forced to adopt bizarre practices and unnatural acts in an atmosphere of asceticism worthy of Salazar.

And what has become of the wider civil society? Once cognitive men and women have been caged, herded and regimented – like rats in a maze. Once vibrant cities have been turned into ghost towns with only occasional stragglers risking the long grey halls of day. Bug jargon flows off every lip. The very fabric of culture has been torn apart – precious social gatherings, weddings, funerals.

What a sudden gift for Big Brother. The bourgeoisie now broken and cowering at his feet like beaten curs. State functionaries admonish, lecture and warn us, little commissars spy on our every move. The whole frozen, fearful landscape echoes the arbitrary tyrannies of Soviet youth in 1921.

Virtue signalling is everywhere. Big Brother urges us to “sacrifice” the present. Verily, we are “all in this together” for, yes, “the public good”, “the common good”, “the greater good”. Lest you be subject to public shaming. Snitching is encouraged.

Roll over, George Orwell.


As Orwell would have it, dissent is futile. It matters not how indisputable and obvious, how inviolate your classical thought. You are now an enemy of the people. You are doomed to cower at the feet of Big Brother. Truth is treason in an empire of lies. Abandon all hope ye who bleat in protest. There is no way out or round or through. No exit.

Kneel down before your new masters. This “pandemic” charade is but the canary in the coal mine. The Cultural Marxists (“progressives”) and their neo-Keynesian bankers are preparing a place for you.


Francis Trueman is a Winnipeg businessman

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