Patients at Risk

Frontier Publishes Best-Seller on Canadian Health Care

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Sometimes health care hurts the very people it is supposed to heal. … this is now the situation in Canada, where waitlists, rationed services, and a fragmented system have resulted in tragic and unnecessary consequences to far too many patients.

WINNIPEG, MB (January 27, 2022): The Frontier Centre for Public Policy is pleased to announce the publication of Patients at Risk: Exposing Canada’s Health-care Crisis by Research Fellow Susan Martinuk. The book has already achieved best-selling status on Amazon and is ranked as the number one seller in the health care sector.

Patients at Risk: Exposing Canada’s Health-care Crisis lifts the veil from the daily realities of our health-care system and shares the heart-breaking stories of those who sought healing, and instead found themselves trapped in the ever-tightening grip of a system that prioritizes an intangible ideology over patient care. This carefully researched book offers the facts, statistics, and background information to demonstrate how our coveted health-care system lost sight of its original purpose to heal and devolved into a system that routinely constrains and denies care.

As Canadians read about the experiences of others and gain an understanding of how our health-care system got to this place, it is hoped that we will all recognize the urgent need to initiate common-sense changes that will refocus health care on its initial, yet long-forgotten purpose – meeting patients’ needs.

Patients at Risk has received enthusiastic reviews by those who are knowledgeable in health care administration, members of the media and front-line health-care workers:

“Martinuk breaks the ‘cone of silence’ which prevails over health care … and presents a compelling and irrefutable case for change.”

Tony Fell, Former Chairman, Board of Trustees University Health Network
Former Deputy Chairman, Royal Bank

“Susan Martinuk’s new book is the sort of contrarian thinking we all should have been ingesting decades ago.”

Neil Macdonald
Senior Correspondent for CBC News: The National
Award-winning journalist

“Martinuk’s book is engaging, powerful, and should be required reading for all Canadians.”

Elizabeth Sprinkle, RN

“Martinuk’s book indicates ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’ … and solutions can only come from informed choices.”

Dr. Simon Sutcliffe, President, Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration
Past President and CEO of the BC Cancer Agency and Princess Margaret Hospital/Ontario Cancer Institute

“Martinuk shares the experiences that far too many Canadian families have had when seeking health care … the book is written with compassion … but the real takeaway is that Martinuk’s research reveals radical changes are needed to stop the decline of patient care in Canada.”

Lorna Dueck, former CEO
Consultant, Lorna Dueck Creative and Parkinson’s Disease Advocate

“Chapter after chapter, Martinuk’s sharply indignant book sustains a justified condemnation of our authoritarian health-care monopoly …  leaving the pretensions of the bureaucrats in tatters, Martinuk leaves us with some common sense to light our way.”  

Dr. Will Johnston, family physician

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