David Redman: Briefing Note to Premiers – A Post Covid Recovery Plan

Briefing Note, Government, David Redman

A Royal Commission into the Response to COVID-19, towards holding elected officials, Medical Officers of Health (MOH) accountable, and for investigation into the media’s roles in this pandemic must wait.

The current deadly and damaging response must stop. The recovery must start. The first step to recovery is to reduce fear. Fear of SARS CoV-2 and of the use of NPIs. Fear of the now-authoritarian control of our MOH, Premiers and the PM. Removal of the fear of our neighbours and friends. Removal of the fear of simply living.

All of this while our country negotiates our path in a world where conflicts are emerging that show just how unprepared our country is for the next decade.

Fear must be replaced with confidence. Confidence in a better future, confidence in innovation, confidence in growth, confidence in each other, and confidence in our democracy being strong, free, and vibrant.

View the entire Briefing Note here: BriefingNote-COVID Recovery Plan (8 pages)