Conversations on the Frontier: An Interview with Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Charles Hoffe was a family physician in Lytton, B.C. for almost 30 years until a forest fire burned down his clinic and much of the community in 2021. Among […]
Published on March 10, 2022

Dr. Charles Hoffe was a family physician in Lytton, B.C. for almost 30 years until a forest fire burned down his clinic and much of the community in 2021. Among his 900 patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine, two patients went into anaphylactic shock, one person died, and others faced new and permanent health problems.

On April 5 2021, Dr. Hoffe wrote an open letter to Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry with concerns over the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, he received a letter from the Interior Health Authority that accused him of causing “vaccine hesitancy.” His ability to be an Emergency Room doctor was revoked, and he was investigated by the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Hoffe defied a professional gag order not to continue to warn of risks from the COVID-19 vaccine and tout the effectiveness of alternative treatments. His outspoken perspectives have made him a favourite for freedom rallies in his home province. What follows is an abridged version of his interview with Frontier Centre Research Associate Lee Harding.

Frontier Centre: Happy to speak with you. You’re in high demand.

Hoffe: I am just overwhelmed with correspondence from everywhere. Some of it is just people desperately trying to find information and some of it is tragic stories of vaccine injuries, and what can they do, and people just trying to find truth, basically. There’s just so much fear and confusion, and people don’t know who to trust. It’s a very strange time we live in.

I get asked to do interviews all the time and most of them I turn down because there’s just too many. But my very first interview was with Laura Lynn Thompson. She asked me about my letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, in which I asked what is the mechanism of injury that has injured my patient in this vaccine and how should I be treating it. Of course, there was no answer. They had no idea.

And now I have the answer. I can say what the mechanism of injury is (blood clots). Unfortunately, there’s no treatment. There are clotted vessels permanently damaged and the greatest concern with that is that with every successive vaccine the damage is cumulative.

FC: Some people have been denied surgery or even access to doctor’s offices because they did not get the COVID-19 vaccine, including an Alberta woman waiting for a double lung transplant. Is there any validity to that?

Hoffe: I do not think there’s any validity. It’s usually mandatory to do animal trials before you try it on people, and they were not done. And then they only tested it on very limited groups and basically, mostly relatively healthy people. They never tested it on the frail elderly, they ever tested it on immune-suppressed or transplant patients.

It is completely unethical to force anybody to have a medical treatment that they don’t want. Informed consent is a legal requirement for any medical procedure and has four parts to it. The first is the person needs to be informed about the benefits of the vaccine. And there’s a lot of unknowns about that because we don’t know how long the protection lasts. We don’t know what variances will come up. And we don’t know about the benefits in specific medical groups like transplant patients because there’s never been tested in them.

The risks are also a huge unknown because this is an experiment, and we don’t know what this is going to do in five years’ time. We have no idea what it’s going to do to fertility or anything else. It hasn’t gone through the usual testing mix.

Not only that, the Vaccine Injury reporting system in Canada is designed as a cover up. It is so frustrating. I strongly suspect that these COVID vaccines have killed or seriously injured more people around the world than all the other vaccines in human history. Usually, if any other vaccine killed 50 people, it was pulled from the market. That was sort of the international standard before this. And now we’re talking tens of thousands. It’s absolutely absurd that they can carry on saying that this is safe.

FC:  A federal government commercial portrayed a person asking a doctor if COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers skipped some steps in testing and how could we be confident of a vaccine approved so quickly. The doctor replied that no steps were bypassed in the research for this product. How can they say that?

Hoffe: I’ve heard that over and over again. When I started questioning this, “What’s happened to my patients and what am I supposed to be doing about it? Please tell me the mechanism,” our local medical health officer, Dr. Carol Fenton, sent me to the website of the Doctors of BC. That says exactly the same thing, that there have been no steps left out in the safety checking of this, which is absolute nonsense.

It’s never been done on humans before, no animal trials, and no long-term safety data. Normally, all of that is required for approval. It’s got emergency authorization, which is not approval. The fact that it’s not approved means that it’s the experimental stage. So, to force people to have something that’s not even approved by Health Canada is absurd.

FC: Talk about the post-vaccination D-dimer tests you did and the results.

Hoffe: I was desperate to find the actual mechanism of injury, why nobody could tell me why my patients had all these deficits. And the scientists that I spoke to from Europe gave me some tips on what I should investigate. When I started doing the D-dimer test I thought maybe it will show one in 20 or something. And by the time I’d done the first [nine] it literally came up at 62 percent.

I was absolutely alarmed and shocked that the majority had evidence of clotting. And these people didn’t have any significant side effects, just vague things, “I had a headache and I felt really tired for three days, and I had muscle aches,” or something and then they were fine.

FC: You did D-dimer tests four to seven days after patients received the vaccine, but did you check on them later?

Hoffe: I had only 13 people that I’d done the D-dimer for when my whole practice burned to the ground. And that seriously put a halt to my research because I’m not part of this vaccination system at all. I have said to the authorities I will not be part of it because it is an experiment that is causing clear evidence of harm and it is unethical to continue.

I’ve given all kinds of shots, but I’ve never given a COVID shot because there was evidence of harm quite early on. And apart from that, the mortality rate for COVID that kills one in a thousand, and most of them are already beyond normal life expectancy. Most people do not realize that because, of course, the media will never publish it.

You can have end stage heart failure, and then have a COVID test when you die. And if your test comes up positive, you’ve died of COVID. And they completely ignore heart failure or end stage cancer, anything – you died of COVID. This completely exaggerates (numbers). We don’t do that for any other disease. If a person has terminal cancer lying on their deathbed and gets pneumonia, we don’t say that they died of pneumonia, we say they died of cancer.

FC: Do you find the opposite is happening when people have adverse effects following COVID-19 vaccination, that it gets blamed on anything but the shot?

Hoffe: Exactly, exactly. Dr. Fenton declared that it’s very difficult to investigate the allegations that I made and that there was effectively no evidence. That was published in many newspapers. The fact is I had sent in the nine-page forms that doctors fill out to report a vaccine injury.

Maybe the forms just never got through, so I redid them all and sent them by registered mail, probably 15 or 16 before my practice burned. And the response that I would get in almost every single case was that the vaccine injuries I was reporting were all just coincidences. They would refuse to register them as vaccine injuries so that my reports got censored.

Nobody went to examine the patients, nobody spoke to them. Without any investigation, they would declare that this is just a coincidence. In the U.S. and in other places, a doctor can just go to a website and report an issue, and it gets recorded.

FC: It does, although allegedly some records are deleted later. You could see their number on VAERS in sequence, check later, and find they were gone. We don’t know is this was for good cause or to suppress the numbers.

Hoffe: The other thing that I’ve heard doctors say, if you go back later and look up that case number, you will see that that injury report is gone and they put in somebody else in that case number. Basically, they’re cooking the books. It is crazy. They are clearly covering up the vaccine injury report system in Canada. And I have nine people in my practice disabled from their shot.

FC: And you’ve had another seven injured in addition to that. Did that include that the person that just keeled over dead when talking to someone, 24 days after getting the shot?

Hoffe: I mentioned that patient in my open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry that lit a firestorm. He was 72 years old, and his only medical problem was COPD. A blue Ventolin inhaler was his only medication. After his first COVID shot, he was short of breath all the time. He was sitting on the side of the bed talking to his wife and literally just keeled over and died. Of course, there was no autopsy done.

There’s been so many people with heart attacks and strokes or hemorrhages or some other terrible thing, and most doctors will not report it as a vaccine injury because there’s a time lag, five days or a week. I now have six people in my medical practice who get out of breath when they exert themselves in a way that they never had before. Medically, we call this reduced effort tolerance. I had no explanation why. That’s why I set out to do the D-dimer test. But my medical practice was burned when I only had 13 cases.

FC: How many of the 13 tested had clots?

Hoffe: Seven, so it’s still more than half. It would be concerning if it was even 10%.

FC: We’ve found out from a study that Dr. Byram Bridle got out of Japan that the spike proteins caused by the shot are going around for weeks in the bloodstream.

Hoffe: There was one where it was four weeks, but the majority were about two weeks.

FC: Is most of the lasting damage is from the spiked protein exterior and not the virus it contains?

Hoffe: That’s what it seems to be. So in people who have a natural covid infection, it’s spike proteins that are viral to each coronavirus. The problem with the vaccine is that there are billions and trillions more spikes than we would ever get from a covid infection. And that’s why the distinct clotting from the vaccine is so much worse than with that covid infection because the number of spikes is so much greater.

FC: When does fresh clotting end?

Hoffe: We don’t know. I suppose if people could keep doing D-dimer tests once a week we might have an answer to that. But there have been autopsies on people that have died from the vaccine and it has showed these COVID spikes in every organ on their body. They’re being lodged everywhere. The greatest concern is that one of the biggest accumulations is in the ovaries. There are very serious fertility implications and we have no idea what the long-term consequences will be.

FC: Do you think that authorities everywhere doubled down on the narrative and responses because anything else would lead to them being held responsible? There could be lawsuits, they’ll lose elections, people will know they were wrong. What do you think?

Hoffe: I’m not sure what to think. All that seems clear to me is the public health policy in BC and in Ontario. They’ve told physicians there they are not allowed to give up any public information that contradicts public health. In other words, we don’t look at the evidence; we have to follow the politicians as activists.

FC: Oh, but the politicians say they have to follow the health authorities.

Hoffe: I don’t know who’s following who but the fact that doctors are no longer allowed to examine the evidence and give their opinion means public health policy is based on politics not science. The fact that it kills so many people around this world and that they continue to say it’s safe means that this is just politics. That explanation makes most sense because it doesn’t make any medical sense.

They’ve never done this for any vaccine before, to have any medical treatment habitually imposed upon people, then the crazy thing to force somebody to have a medical treatment they don’t want. It’s completely medically unethical.

FC: YouTubers that are putting out information and doctors like you that have courage are fighting for truth while the rest of the world is under a spell.

Hoffe: It is truly under a spell. I mean, the level of deception here is absolutely shocking. It makes absolutely no sense. The fact that the mortality rate from COVID is so low and yet they’ve gone so crazy with fear, and taking away people’s freedoms, it seems to truly be a spell. It’s like a spiritual deception where they’ve absolutely hoodwinked so many people.

FC: I get some pushback from people saying, ‘You’re not a doctor,’ even if I’m quoting doctors. How would you respond to someone who says people sounding the alarm should just shut up because they’re not doctors?

Hoffe: I think everybody has a voice and everybody has a right to be heard. Of course, everyone’s got their opinion, and it may not be right. But I think everyone has a right to say it. We’re supposed to have freedom of speech of protected in Canada, whether we do. But we’re supposed to have freedom of speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It’s sad that so few doctors are willing to speak up and unfortunately, many of them see what happens to people like me, and they keep their mouth shut. And I’ve heard it from so many of my colleagues. They say they are very careful what they say because they’re afraid of repercussions, just like what has happened to me. And so they’ve been intimidated into silence.

FC: Right. Well, thank you for speaking out.

Hoffe: The greatest deception, the greatest misinformation about this whole pandemic is that there is no alternative to the vaccine to keep them safe. There’s four aspects to informed consent. And the first is to discuss the benefits, the second the risks, the third is the alternatives. And the fourth aspect is that when a person gives informed consent to a medical procedure, they are not allowed to be coerced in any way. It needs to be a free choice. So all this coercion of the vaccine passport is a complete denial of that free choice.

But to get to the third point of alternatives, medical politicians leading this charge would like people to think that there is no alternative to the vaccine to keep them safe. This is absolute nonsense. Polio, smallpox and many other viruses causing devastation around the world were effectively untreatable, and so the vaccine was very important. But COVID turns out to be one of the most easily treatable viruses and there’s a multitude of very excellent treatments under ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and a whole lot of other agents that are added to that.

Public health policy is based on politics, not science, because they refuse to look at the real science. And so the most important thing that people need to know is that there is an alternative, therapies very much safer than the shots, because the alternatives will protect against every variant, which the vaccine will not.

FC: Some have alleged that when you inoculate during a pandemic, it pushes the development of other variants, especially if the disease spreads quite easily. Is that valid?

Hoffe: The vaccines do not give people complete protection. And there are three reasons why there’s so many cases of vaccine failure all around the world. Firstly, the vaccines don’t act against all variants, which is why all the boosters are going to be coming. The second thing is that the antibodies fade out after a few months. And so that’s also why everybody’s going to need boosters, because the immunity doesn’t last.

The third thing is that the antibodies that you have from the vaccine are not in your respiratory tract, they’re in your blood. They’re in the wrong place. They can’t protect against COVID because they’re not where COVID gets into your body.  And that’s why vaccinated people can still get COVID and still spread COVID. It’s like the soldiers are on the wrong side of the wall.

Ivermectin can either prevent you from getting COVID or treat it very effectively when you get it. A website with the very best scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Ivermectin is the FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance).

FC: How does someone get Ivermectin while they’re banning it all over the country?

Hoffe: They are. They’re desperate. So, it clearly looks like the pharmaceutical industry has employed scientists to do studies that showed that it’s ineffective. And the tobacco industry did this for years. When doctors would say that there was evidence that tobacco caused cancer or strokes or whatever, the tobacco industry would employ scientists to do studies that showed that there wasn’t really evidence for that. And so the same has happened with COVID.

There’s been bogus science that’s showed that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin don’t help, but there is a huge amount of evidence to show not only their safety, but their effectiveness. The reason why the medical authorities cannot admit that there is an alternative is that for authority to be granted to use an experimental contract, there has to be no alternative. And if they acknowledge that there was an alternative, they would not be allowed to continue the vaccine. It would be illegal. They dare not admit that ivermectin, or hydroxychloroquine, or all of the other treatments are beneficial because they would have to stop the vaccine rollout.

FC: Many people have searched for a doctor that will prescribe hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. Can you do so for anyone in BC?

Hoffe: Anyone in Canada. My concern is that I am already completely swamped. I just don’t have enough hours in a day because I can’t just write a prescription and send it to somebody. I need to find out what the other medical issues are to make sure that this is the best thing for them.

Ivermectin plus all the other recommendations that are given by the FLCCC gives approximately an 80% reduction in COVID mortality. The hydroxychloroquine regime is only 67% or so, but it’s still a fantastic alternative to nothing.

Medical authorities have told people that if they get sick with COVID, a potentially life-threatening disease, to go home and do nothing until the point that they can hardly breathe, at which point they will then receive medical treatment. That is not medical care. To have somebody with a potentially life-threatening disease and refuse to give them treatment for it until they’re critical is absolutely absurd. They’re trying to deny people these completely safe things that they can take at home so that they never end up at the hospital. It is absolutely unethical.

They’re trying to clamp down. Ivermectin is a prescription drug in Canada and most doctors don’t know the evidence around it, so they won’t prescribe it, or are afraid that they’ll get into trouble because they’ve been taught not to prescribe it. So some people are being forced to use veterinary ivermectin.

FC: What it was like for you when you got COVID and how long you’d had symptoms before you took ivermectin?

Hoffe: I got COVID when I was preparing for a [forest] fire. A friend came to help me, and got sick, actually, while they were with me. After this friend left, I got a vague achiness in my whole body, much milder than a flu, for two days. And then on the third day, I started to just feel absolutely exhausted. So my only real symptom was terrible fatigue. I just wanted to sleep all day.

This was unusual. And sure enough, my COVID test came up positive. I was absolutely thrilled to have a positive COVID test because now I would have natural immunity. There’s very good scientific evidence to show that people that have had an actual COVID infection have a long-lasting broad community that will cover every variant.

I never took the ivermectin for a whole week because I didn’t even think I needed it. Eventually, I took the ivermectin because I had a fire that was getting closer and closer, and I needed to be getting ready. And so I took the ivermectin for three days to get rid of the tiredness, and it certainly did that.

There’s very good scientific evidence to show that about half of the population is already immune to COVID from having had the other coronaviruses that circulate every winter. And so I think I was one of those 50 per cent that already had antibodies to it. People who get a minimal illness from COVID are those people who were already immune to it. There’s no way they’ll ever end up in hospital. They just are inconvenienced for a while. Other people get furiously sick, and those are the people who do not have immunity.

I didn’t want to have the shot because I know it doesn’t give immunity against all variants. The fact that all of these vaccine passports, regulations and demands completely ignore people who have natural immunity is absolutely absurd.

FC: What is the difference is between veterinary and medical ivermectin?

Hoffe: Some of the veterinary ivermectin is mixed in with other anti-parasitic medicines. But there are two brands in Canada that are just pure ivermectin and nothing else. One which is made in Calgary, Alberta is ABL. The prescription is tablets, but veterinary ivermectin is either a liquid or an oral paste.

It is appalling that people are being forced to resort to these things, but the medical authorities are making people desperate. It’s very sad that it’s got to that, but I know of very many people who have used the veterinary ivermectin and had absolutely no problems. I used it on myself when I had COVID and it worked very well.

FC: Why did you use the veterinary kind?

Hoffe: Doctors used to test new treatments on criminals and if they couldn’t find any criminals they would sometimes test it on themselves. I did that with horse ivermectin and it worked very well. It’s just a pure ivermectin solution with nothing else. I took three doses and I didn’t need anymore after that. I was completely cured.

I’m not saying people should use it because I think they should be using the prescription ivermectin. But I’ve spoken to hundreds of people that have used it and I have not come across a single one that had any issues with it at all.

FC: How much did you take and at what volume?

Hoffe: Three doses total, [one] once a day. Normally it’s taken once a day. You take it until you’re feeling better.

The dose is calculated according to body weight and it’s very important to get the right dose. That is the problem with people being forced to use a veterinary product. Because the government is denying them access to the pharmaceutical one, people are trying to figure out their dose. Sometimes they get it wrong. But this is literally being caused by the medical authorities not allowing them to get a prescription.

FC: So we have “harm reduction” by giving people “safe” heroin on the streets, but not this?

Hoffe: That is absolutely absurd. Ivermectin is one of the safest medications known to man. There have now been approximately 4 billion doses worldwide over the past 40 years, so if there was some harm from this we would certainly know. It can be used in every age group from the age of six months old and upwards and it has been used in pregnancy. In third world tropical countries it’s reduced parasitic infections where they literally just give it out to everybody. It’s a very effective anti-parasitic, but it is also incredibly effective for treating COVID.

FC: Has the government done anything right? It seems to me that it’s like a 1950s horror movie where they wrestle a rubber octopus, but in their acting they have to make it look on film like it’s real. Have they just made everything worse?

Hoffe: Yes they have. They definitely have. They have plunged Canada into terrible debt. It took about [150] years for Canada to reach the level of national debt that it had at the beginning of the pandemic. And Justin Trudeau [almost] doubled that in one year with all of this COVID handout. Canada will never recover from this.

Have they done anything right? I can’t think of anything, but I’d have to keep thinking about it.

FC: This vaccine received interim approval in Canada and emergency approval in the U.S. Reiterate why this vaccine should not be approved.

Hoffe: The long-term safety trials are not supposed to be concluded until 2022 or 2023. For it to be approved with no long-term safety trial is crazy. It makes no sense. We only have to look at the Vaccine Injury reporting statistics for the US to see that approval makes absolutely no sense. No other medical treatment in history has caused so much harm.

FC: A loved one works at a school for special needs kids. And even in their small staff of eight, there’s three where they or their spouses have had a hemorrhage or a brain bleed or a stroke [since getting the shot]. One of those is in her mid-40s. She runs, she eats healthy, and now she’s trying to get her speech back. It’s really sad.

Hoffe: It’s tragic because these aren’t temporary things. Anybody that has a stroke or a bleed, that’s permanent damage. Just like all these people that have a positive D-dimers, it’s permanent damage. Those parts of their bodies never, ever go back to normal.

FC: I’m always encouraged when people who know how bad the system is can still find joy.

Hoffe: Because we have to, even though it seems like it gets bleaker and bleaker. Fortunately, I know that God is in control. And I truly believe that not one molecule in the universe moves without His consent. And so even though often there have been times in history when things have looked very, very bleak, but God still works it into his plan some way or another. And we don’t know what the plan is, but we just know that God works his plan and that history is His story.

FC: Maybe we’ll say like Hannibal from A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Hoffe: I’m glad you’re an A-Team fan because that is a lot of fun.

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