Brownstone Institute interviews Winnipeg-based Students Against Mandates

Interview, Education, Jeffrey A. Tucker

From the website of Students Against Mandates: “We are a community of proud critical thinkers and support decision making backed by data. We oppose divisive vaccine mandates, discriminatory vaccine passports, and the tyranny that makes these unjust things possible. We believe in liberty and the freedom to make our own informed, personal health decisions — with zero coercion. We are committed to the elimination of vaccine mandates across all college and university campuses.”

Leigh Vossen, President & Founder and Brandon Paradoski, VP & Head of Science at Students Against Mandates join with Jeffrey Tucker to discuss the lockdown and mandate trauma of the past two years. From prolonged isolation to discriminating mandates, government overreach to infringement on student and human rights, and what steps the organization is taking to fight back.  (41 minutes)

Watch the video here.