Policy on the Frontier – The State of Canadian Journalism in 2022

Video, Free Speech, Policy on the Frontier

The media plays a vital role in the health and well-being of our democracy.  And yet, the trust and confidence in legacy media has never been lower.  At the same time, so called independent and smaller media outlets are on the rise. What is the role of the fourth estate?  What are key issues it faces today in a challenging environment?. Why is it that certain big stories tend to be only found in smaller media?

Our Guest

Ms. Holly Doan, is the co-founder and publisher of the legendary Blacklock’s Reporter, an on-line media outlet based in Ottawa. Ms. Doan is an award-winning journalist and producer of many political history documentaries for television.  As a TV journalist, her career has spanned Parliament Hill and four provinces with both the CTV and CBC networks.  She was the former Bureau Chief in Beijing.  Ms. Doan brings a one of a kind insider’s perspective on the state of the media today.  Don’t miss this eye opening discussion.