Woke Ideologies That Are Creating Systemic Racism in the Workplace – Grey Matter Podcast

Video, Workplace, Leighton Grey

In this episode Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Frontier senior fellow Brian Giesbrecht have a conversation about the systemic racism problem, how woke ideologies are creating more problems than good, and what we can do about it. Brian Dale Giesbrecht received his education at United College and The University of Manitoba, where he obtained his LLB in 1972. He worked with Walsh, Micay and Co., and then joined Legal Aid Manitoba in 1975 to become Senior Attorney and the first Area Director for western Manitoba in Brandon. Appointed to The Provincial Court (Family Division) in 1976, Brian heard child welfare cases and general family matters until he transferred to the Criminal Division in 1989. During his career he served on the National Family Court Committee, and various provincial court committees. Brian was an Associate Chief Judge from 1991 to 2005, and he became Acting Chief Judge in 1993. Among the notable cases he heard was the Lester Desjarlais Inquiry. His report strongly criticized the government’s decision to devolve child welfare responsibilities to racially based child-care agencies. Grey and Giesbrecht take a deep dive into the world of woke ideologies and their impact in the workplace, the negative effects that forced diversity is having while creating systemic racism, and what we could be doing collectively to help create prosperity for everyone.  (One hour 38 minutes)