Leon Fontaine – A Passionate Canadian Thought Leader – RIP

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This past weekend, we learned of the tragic and unexpected passing of Pastor Leon Fontaine at 59 years of age.

Leon was a gifted leader playing many roles both nationally and internationally.  He was, with his wife Sally, the senior Pastors at Springs Church with campuses in Winnipeg and Calgary, as well as the CEO of the Miracle Network, among other ministries. Leon was the host of the program Return to Reason and an author of numerous books and articles.

At Frontier, we were grateful for his leadership as a powerful and articulate voice for both freedom, truth, and his visionary optimism and love for Canada.

We are thankful that so many members of the Frontier team could collaborate with him and members of his incredible team on many important public policy discussions.

Included here are recent examples of our work with Leon Fontaine on programs such as Return to Reason and Leaders on the Frontier:

Leaders on the Frontier

Leon Fontaine on Canadian Civil Society

Return to Reason

Wendell Cox

Brian Giesbrecht

David Leis

Michael Zwaagstra

Philip Carl Salzman

Peter Holle

Leighton Grey

David Redman

David Leis

We hope you find them informative and inspiring as they feature many of Leon’s insights, wisdom and warm energetic personality.

On behalf of all of us at Frontier, we wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to Leon’s family, friends and teams as we grieve the passing of a friend of Frontier and a great Canadian leader passionate about serving and building our nation.