Race Hate is Official Government Policy

The Canadian and American governments have imposed blatantly racist policies and regulations on their populations. Dividing their citizens into “oppressors,” all white people, and “victims,” all BIPOC (black, indigenous, people […]
Published on March 11, 2023

The Canadian and American governments have imposed blatantly racist policies and regulations on their populations. Dividing their citizens into “oppressors,” all white people, and “victims,” all BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, two-spirit). They label whites as “privileged” and having “white rage” and “white fragility,” with “whiteness” being racist and evil. Government championing of “marginalized minorities” at the expense of the white majority is their claim to the moral high ground. This is their “progressive” strategy to gain total political power over their populations.

The Liberal Canadian government frames their racism as championing indigenous natives versus Euro-Canadians, disparaged as “colonial settlers” who stole the natives’ land (and their cities, factories, universities, and hospitals) and who engaged in a systematic program to annihilate indigenous natives and made a concerted attempt at genocide. The Liberal government likens Euro-Canadians to — know who in the recent past are infamous for engaging in genocide? — oh yes, Nazis. It turns out that Euro-Canadians are very inefficient murderers, as a million eight hundred thousand indigenous natives remain, making up 6.1% of the Canadian population (2021 Census), more than Chinese at 4.7% and blacks at 4.3%.

The latest episode exploited to advance the racist narrative of the Liberal government was the non-event of a discovery of disturbed earth near the Kamloops resident school site, followed by similar reports from other similar sites. Immediately there were hysterical and entirely unsubstantiated claims that indigenous children in the thousands had been secretly murdered and buried in unmarked mass graves. Churches associated with residential schools, or conveniently located, were burned down. The government, never one to let a good crisis go to waste, declared national mourning for the imaginary murdered children and ordered flags to half-mast for six months! Parliament, to its everlasting disgrace, then unanimously passed a motion asserting that the residential schools engaged in genocide. No wonder so many Canadians hold their government in contempt.

The government narrative of the genocide by Euro-Canadians of the indigenous population is part of its larger deconstruction of Canadian society, in aid of making Canada a small appendage of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and World Health Organization. The vision enunciated by Prime Minister Trudeau for Canada is a multicultural “post-national state” with no core culture or commonality, a congeries of unrelated ethnic groups, held together only by the benevolence of the Liberal government.

This “progressive” characterization of Canada is of course so much hogwash, given that the majority of the population remains Euro-Canadian and Christian in heritage, and that the institutions of government and law are drawn entirely from Britain and France. Furthermore, Canada has a historical foundation of nation-building and a distinguished performance in international conflicts. Trying to replace this with soulless international organizations is Trudeau’s postmodern fever dream.

Every Canadian institution — governmental, educational, and business — has been thoroughly corrupted by official racism. The Canadian government formulated a new program called “Dimensions: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion” which it imposed on all Canadian institutions. A “Charter” was sent to all universities with a demand that each university president sign it as a commitment. Universities, academic research granting agencies, academic professional organizations, and other organizations have all enthusiastically converted to this new “woke” religion.

One manifestation of this is the hiring of multitudes of “diversity and inclusion” officers to serve as political commissars enforcing the new racism. Another is the racial segregation in housing, eating facilities, and events of graduation or other celebrations. Most important is the racial discrimination in the recruitment of students and staff. Government programs such as the well-funded Canada Research Chairs Program require that only preferred categories of people — primarily indigenous, but also BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, disabled, and Muslim, but never heterosexual whites, particularly males — may be nominated.

When universities advertise posts, whether professorial or administrative, the ads make clear that white, heterosexual men are excluded. In student admissions, whites are highly underrepresented for a majority of the population: University of Toronto, 78% non-white (2011); University of British Columbia, “visible minorities (non-whites) make up 65% of all students. This compares with visible minorities being 27.31% of the general population of British Columbia. In other words, visible minorities are “overrepresented” at UBC by well more than double their presence in the general population, whereas whites at around 70% of the general population are underrepresented at UBC as 35% of the student population.”

At all Canadian universities, male students at 40% are highly underrepresented, while females at 60% are highly overrepresented. Nonetheless, females are still given preferential treatment and benefits as a “marginalized minority.” Clearly, in the woke mindset, words mean whatever you want them to mean, and numbers can be ignored if they do not follow the narrative.

Official government racism is equally exhibited by the Democrat government of the United States, which has done its best to expand anti-white racism. President Biden declared that America is systemically racist and that every department and unit of the vast U.S. government would be devoted to anti-racism, which meant that the holy woke trinity of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” would be official policy throughout the government. Special preference and benefits would be given to selected minorities, and the white majority would be sidelined and excluded.

Universities across America adopted “anti-racism” and anti-white racism with the enthusiasm of the new convert. For fifty years, “affirmative action” had given preference to blacks and Hispanics in admission, accepting, and funding minority applicants with weak academic records over majority applicants with strong academic records. Merit and color-blind criteria are now dismissed as racist and white supremacist policies. (Academically successful minorities, such as Asians and Jews, are classed with whites and excluded under the misnamed “anti-racism” policies.)

With the new resurgence of identity politics, racial segregation was reinstituted. Many universities have racially separated housing, eating facilities, and ceremonies. An example currently in the news is Pacific University Oregon, against which a complaint has been made to the federal civil rights department about six sex-segregated programs: a “BIPOC Staff and Faculty Hoopla”; a BIPOC Mentorship Program Open House; a weekly “BIPOC Let’s Talk: A Confidential Space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to Talk, Find Support and Establish Community”; the BIPOC Virtual Alumni Forum; and a people-of-color graduation celebration and an off-campus excursion for BIPOC campus community members only. Many universities also have scholarships for which white students may not apply.

An expose by Christopher Rufo about the DEI cult at the University of South Florida reports that the University “encourages students to attend racially segregated counseling programs to address their ‘privilege’ and ‘oppression,’ and promotes a variety of left-wing causes, including ‘reparations,’ ‘defund the police,’ and ‘prison abolition.’” Rufo continues, “USF’s sprawling diversity bureaucracy has turned left-wing racialism into a new orthodoxy and implemented an administrative policy of racial preferences and discrimination. It divides individuals into categories of oppressor and oppressed, presents ‘anti-racism’ as the solution, and proposes ‘racial identity development’ — which, in practice, resembles a form of cult programming — as the necessary method of atonement.”

Rufo reports that “The USF Counseling Center offered racially segregated counseling sessions for ‘Black & African American,’ ‘People of Color,’ and ‘White’ students, providing a ‘healing space for POC to discuss unique impacts of systemic racism’ and a ‘connecting space for allies to share experiences and identify ways to take action against racism.’ The goal of these psychological conditioning sessions, according to organizers, was to address ‘COVID-19, xenophobia, killings of unarmed Black people, systemic racism, privilege, oppression, and institutional challenges.’” In this kind of programming, individuals are subordinated to racial categories; ideology serves as a substitute for psychological health.

The “proof” of “systemic racism” offered by those who claim it is statistical disparities in achievement — educational, professional, economic — among the different census category races. This must, the claim is, be the result of racial discrimination, although no evidence is ever provided to support the claim. And no consideration is given to the factors that affect the performance of all people: family life, community culture, and individual choices.

“Anti-racism” and anti-white racism are not a response to reality but an aspirational attempt to mold reality. The Democrat Party relies on minorities for political power and sees the future of America as “a majority of minorities” in which the Democrat Party will always form the government. White voters are seen by Democrats as adversaries. The party thus advances “woke” policies to advance its own power. For example, its policies of providing preferential status and benefits to BIPOC is a way to buy their political loyalty. As well, its open border policy, which flouts established immigration law, is a way to flood the country with new BIPOC inhabitants to water down the white majority. “Open borders” is a blatantly racist policy.

To those of us who in the past opposed racial segregation and supported civil rights and color-blind equality, the new “woke” racism is appalling. It is also illegal. Is there anyone today interested in enforcing the law?


Philip Carl Salzman is a Senior Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.  Originally appeared in PJ Media. 

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