Ottawa Physicist Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Claimed Over 10,000 Canadians

Did you hear on the news that 10,000 to 35,000 Canadians died of COVID-19 vaccines? The findings were among many bombshell claims by former University of Ottawa physicist Denis Rancourt. […]
Published on June 28, 2023

Did you hear on the news that 10,000 to 35,000 Canadians died of COVID-19 vaccines?

The findings were among many bombshell claims by former University of Ottawa physicist Denis Rancourt. He told the National Citizens Inquiry on COVID-19 that excess mortality went up “very slightly” during the pandemic, but spiked immediately after COVID-19 vaccination anywhere it was administered.

“The death occurred soon after the injection and gave rise to a statistical feature that cannot be there by accident. But that doesn’t mean there were not comorbidity conditions. Of course, there were,” Rancourt said.

Rancourt has written more than 30 reports on COVID-related matters in the past three years and submitted almost 900 pages of studies he authored or co-authored to the NCI, all available at

The researcher said four studies in India noticed spikes after vaccination, though they failed to mention the timing.

“They found that there was no excess mortality when COVID when the pandemic was announced,” Rancourt said.

“ Many months later, there was a huge surge, I mean huge, massive surge of deaths.”

It was the same story all over the world.

“India, Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, USA, and many others, including all the European countries…gives us the same result. There is a risk from dying from the injection on a per-injection basis that is between 0.05%…all the way up to almost 3% for the most elderly people that are fragile,” he said.

“For every five years in age, your risk of dying from the injection doubles. And this proves that it was absolutely [wrong to]…vaccinate the most vulnerable in terms of being elderly.”

Rancourt said Canadian data lagged behind other countries in its disclosure, especially in Manitoba, but preliminary conclusions were possible.

“We’re still quantifying, but the numbers are going to fall between about 10,000 and 35000 deaths that are directly induced by the vaccine in Canada.”

His findings run contrary to Health Canada reports. As of May 26, 2023, the agency said 442 deaths due to the vaccine had been reported, but only four had a confirmed causal connection. But Rancourt said the excess mortality that followed each dose of injections could have no other cause. “There is an immediate peak [in excess mortality] that lasts a few days right after injection…[then] an exponential decay…that lasts at least two months…[That’s impossible] if it’s not causally connected to the injection,”Rancourt said.

“In most countries, excess mortality is now dropping, and is coming back to normal. There’s a subgroup of countries like Canada, where in 2022, the mortality is higher than it was even before.”

The expert in nano-particles, molecular science, statistical analysis, theoretical modeling, and measurement methods, said the vaccines were not properly studied before their release. “The pharmaceutical industry trials…are highly flawed. They’re completely rigged…They exclude vulnerable groups, which are exactly the groups that are being killed by these injections,” Rancourt explained.

“Every time I read the safety evaluations…it’s like I’m in a nightmare. It’s incredible.”

Rancourt said excess mortality went up “very slightly” during the pandemic, but government intervention killed more people than any virus. “If mortality cannot be used to draw this kind of conclusion, then we’re living in a mad world where whatever they say is true,” he said.

The scientist, cited 6258 times according to Google Scholar, said he was “shocked” at the “degradation of science”, including the “garbage science” on COVID-19 variants. He said the studies are “bias”, “not science” and have “huge errors” and “incorrect assumptions.” Ironically, the conclusions are replicated, just like a virus.

“It’s the very small populations that are being analyzed and not selected at random whatsoever…And from this, they use computer models to claim…what fraction of the infections are due to a particular variant….They admit in all the footnotes how unreliable it is,” Rancourt said.

“I am shocked to see scientists reproducing…these beautiful graphs straight from these websites that are funded by pharma. I’m shocked to see scientists using them and believing them and interpreting their own studies [accordingly].”

The physicist characterized the vaccine as a “military rollout of an injection…to practice and demonstrate that they could inject everyone.” He said the ability to vaccinate everyone or “certain groups” was “very powerful” and could be used to administer a bioweapon or to respond to one.

“Everything that we see related to COVID looks like a societal transformation that was imposed…This was an assault. against people, and it killed many people.That’s really the conclusion. And I can’t see how to get around that,” Rancourt said.

“We have to reset our thinking and start to recognize that the virologists have been exploiting us and have been screaming fire where there’s not really anything present… “Otherwise, we’re never getting out of this. And they will keep doing this whenever they want. They will declare pandemics whenever they want. And they will assault the population in these kinds of ways anytime they want.”


Lee Harding is a research fellow for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

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