Pandemic Advanced Financial Reset, Digital Control

An American financial expert says the pandemic advanced a financial reset plan that concentrated wealth and power at the top. That expert was Catherine Austin Fitts on the first day […]
Published on July 28, 2023

An American financial expert says the pandemic advanced a financial reset plan that concentrated wealth and power at the top.

That expert was Catherine Austin Fitts on the first day of NCI hearings in Ottawa. She is a former managing director of Wall Street investment bank Dylan Reed and Co, and president of Hamilton Securities Group. She was United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing in 1989-90.

Fitts, who testified remotely from Switzerland, said in 2019 the G7 central bankers voted on a plan called the Going Direct Reset. She said such things happen every 75 to 100 years, “a currency system gets long in the tooth.” “[COVID-19] helped to drive and engineer…significant centralization of the economy and much more assertion by the bankers to have control of the national government. So, I saw the pandemic as really part of an operation to implement that reset.”

Implementation of Digital IDs and vaccine passports show the current reset is like none before because “digital technology now permits for phenomenal central control,” Fitts said. “They need both a digital transaction system in place and a smart grid in place and they made extraordinary efforts at building that out during the pandemic.”

Fitts called the Bank of International Settlements, the “central bank of central banks,” and said central banks think of the money on their books as their own. She said the confiscation of funds and bank accounts after the trucker convoy hints at what digital currencies would enable.

“Taxes can just be taken out of your account, you can’t stop it. So you can have taxation without representation,” she said.

“You’re putting together a system that… can micromanage what you spend money on. So if they don’t want you going more than five miles from your home, you can’t; your money won’t work more than five miles from your home. Or if they want to turn off the electricity on your car, if they want to turn off your bank account, they can, and they can do it centrally.”

Fitts said the pandemic shifted wealth to the top ranks by injecting money into the economy while shutting other parts down. The number of US billionaires was 60 in 1990, 614 at the start of the pandemic, and grew by 56 one year into the pandemic, as the wealth of the billionaire class grew by $1.3 trillion during that time. Meanwhile, 75 million Americans lost their jobs and one-third of businesses shut down. Big companies could gobble up assets and smaller companies at bargain prices.

“I see the pandemic as an exercise in reengineering the economy out of small business and concentrated into large corporations, mostly publicly traded companies…a consolidation of business market share and employment under central control and a consolidation of capital.”

When asked if this pandemic wealth transfer was “by design,” Fitts said current analysis and past precedent lends to that conclusion.

“If you look at all the efforts to implement pandemics in the past and you look at all the different steps made to plan them out, as well as to centralize control, it’s very difficult to come up with a theory of most of the restrictions as relating to health as opposed to relating to reengineering of the political and economic landscape,” she said.

On its website, Moderna wrote, “Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer.” A fact-check by Reuters said the statement in context is not about control. However, Fitts is wary the Moderna statement suggests worse possibilities.

“Tech billionaires rose to great wealth by putting an operating system in your computer, and then getting you to update it regularly with viruses, and then presumably giving the intelligence and military a backdoor so that they could do complete surveillance,” Fitts said.

“There is a good possibility that the leadership believes that they can use gene and mRNA technology to literally install an operating system on all of us and use viruses to get us to update them just like they do on our computer.”

Fitts is president of Solari, a private company that publishes The Solari Report to give subscribers perspective on current events. She said after warning for 25 years about the parasitic criminality at the top of government and finance, only in the last two has she gained traction in convincing people of the tactics and goals of the most powerful.

“It’s very hard for people who feel empathy to fathom that anybody would want that kind of control. But make no mistake about it, the single most financially successful business in the history of the world, in my opinion, is slavery.

Slavery is an enormously profitable business.”

Fitts’ NCI testimony can be watched at


Lee Harding is Research Fellow for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

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