Professor Offers a Practical Roadmap Against the Silencing of Democracy

Law Professor Bryan Schwartz provides Legislative Program Forward to Restore Basic Freedoms
Published on November 14, 2023

In a new Frontier Centre book, Re-Enlightening Canada- A Legislative Program for Promoting Open, Democratic and Rational Policymaking, Professor Bryan Schwartz provides his independent proposals for  a concrete legislative program for re-establishing the best in the Enlightenment political tradition in Canada. These values include freedom of expression, respect for diversity of opinion, scientific rationality and respect for the equality of all individuals, rather than acting on the basis of group identity and stereotypes.Purchase a copy here.

Schwartz observes that free speech, once a cornerstone of Canadian society, is no longer assured, as citizens who dare to challenge the established norms encounter severe repercussions.

Within the pages of his book, Schwartz offers practical and thoughtful solutions, urging governments to cultivate an environment conducive to open dialogue. Drawing from his extensive four-decade career, he transcends political affiliations, concentrating solely on enhancing governmental decision-making.

“Re-enlightening Canada” navigates crucial subjects such as freedom of speech, human rights, education, environmental policy, and more, ensuring that complex issues resonate with the average reader. Schwartz offers elected decision-makers and the general public a practical “how-to” legislative roadmap forward that is intended to appeal to reasonable people across the political spectrum. It is a proposal on how people of good faith in democracies can “reason together”. It is intended to be a moderate and practical response to the ideological excesses of our time.

Readers of books such as David Bernstein’s “Woke Antisemitism” and John McWhorter’s “Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America” will find in “Re-Enlightening Canada” a measured and practical program for reform.  It aims to not only recognize the profound political challenges of our time, but to set out an achievable way forward.


David Leis
VP Development and Engagement

About the Author: Bryan Schwartz is the  Asper Professor of International Business and Trade Law at the University of Manitoba and counsel at Pitblado Law firm. He has adjudicated international and interprovincial trade disputes and served as a labour law arbitrator. Bryan is also a trained mediator. His wide-ranging practice land academic areas  includes Indigenous Law (including specific claims), cyber-security, appellate advocacy, human rights, constitutional law and legislative process.  Bryan is an author or editor of thirty four books and over three hundred creative works in all, including  a musical theatre piece and two albums; feel free to visit his website at    His earlier works include :”Admitted but Excluded”, promoting the fair recognition of credentials for foreign trained workers published in e-version format by the Frontier Centre and “Revitalizing Manitoba”, a program for promoting pluralism in Manitoba’s politics and society.

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