Re-Enlightening Canada

A Legislative Program For Promoting Open, Democratic And Rational Policymaking.
Published on November 14, 2023

100pp ISBN: 9798864194089

Frontier Centre for Public Policy                   November 2023


“Re-Enlightening Canada”  provides a concrete legislative program for re-establishing in Canada the best  in the Enlightenment political tradition.These values include freedom of expression, respect for diversity of opinion, scientific rationality and respect for the equality of all individuals, rather than acting on the basis of group identity and stereotypes.

The program is intended to appeal to reasonable people across the political spectrum. It is a proposal on how people of good faith in democracies can “reason together”. It is intended to be a moderate and practical response to the ideological excesses of our time.

Readers of books such a David Bernstein’s “Woke Antisemitism” and John McWorter’s “Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America” will find in “ReEnlightening Canada” a measured and practical program for reform. Its aim is to not only recognize the profound political challenges of our time, but to set out an achievable way forward.

Download here: Re-Enlightening Canada – Schwartz (100 pages). Purchase the book here.


Bryan Schwartz holds a doctorate in law in Yale and has recently received the King’s Counsel designation. He has four decades of experience as university professor, legal practitioner and public policy advisor and commentator. He is the author or editor and contributor to thirty-four books and over three hundred publications in all. His latest book, which represents his own independent views, is a sequel to Revitalizing Manitoba, which was also published in 2011 by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.


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