Dr. Daniel Nagase Discusses the Unjust Treatment of Patients and Doctors During Covid

National Citizens Inquiry
Published on November 23, 2023

Dr. Daniel Nagase, a respected physician, opens up about the circumstances surrounding the disciplinary actions taken against him by the College of Physicians and Surgeons in both Alberta and British Columbia. In this compelling interview, Dr. Nagase shares his firsthand experiences and provides a glimpse into the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in navigating disciplinary processes.

Listen as Dr. Nagase sheds light on the factors that led to the disciplinary actions and offers his perspective on the implications for medical professionals. Gain valuable insights into the complexities of regulatory bodies’ role in the healthcare industry and the impact of disciplinary actions on physicians’ careers and well-being.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation that explores the intersection of professional accountability, regulatory bodies, and the experiences of healthcare professionals. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by individuals like Dr. Nagase and the broader implications for the medical community. ( 33 minutes)

Watch on Rumble here.

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