A Canary In A Coal Mine Is A Warning Sign

Book Review: CANARY in a COVID WORLD: How Propaganda and Censorship Changed Our (My) World - 1 of 3

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy recently held a symposium reviewing and important new book  CANARY in a COVID WORLD: How Propaganda and Censorship Changed our (my) World, edited by C. H. Klotz (Canary House Publishing, 2023).

The COVID pandemic hit North America with disastrous consequences for both the health care systems and the civil liberties of individuals. The book focuses on these issues in the U.S., but there are several chapters written by Canadians showing that the Canadian situation was very similar to that in the U.S.. Public policy fellows and writers at the Frontier Centre, Leighton Grey, Marco Navarro-Genie, and Rodney Clifton and Sophia Leis, share their thoughts here on CANARY in a COVID WORLD.

These reviewers recognize the book’s importance in exposing the transgressions that occurred in both the U.S. and Canada, from forced masking, restricted travel, and virtually forced vaccinations. This book was written to ensure that these damaging policies never happen again. The authors are hopeful, but there is no assurance the transgressions will not be repeated.

CANARY in a COVID WORLD will be of interest to Canadians who are concerned about the dysfunctional way our country dealt with the COVID pandemic. Canadians may want to buy the book after reading these reviews.

Read: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey by Peter Roger Breggin and Ginger Ross Breggin

Read: Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And The Better Future Coming by Robert W. Malone

Read: The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex by John Leake and Peter A. McCullough


A Canary In A Coal Mine Is A Warning Sign

“First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect,

Your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect,

You live your life like a canary in a coal mine.

You get so dizzy even walking in a straight line.

You say you want to spend the winter in Firenze.

You’re so afraid to catch a dose of influenza.

You live your life like a canary in a coal mine.

You get so dizzy even walking in a straight line.

Now if I tell you that you suffer from delusions.

You pay your analyst to reach the same conclusions.

You live your life like a canary in a coal mine.

You get so dizzy even walking in a straight line.

—From “Canary in a Coalmine,” the 1980 Police album “Zenyatta Mondatta.”


Canaries were once used in mines to detect the presence of dangerous gases that could escape and kill miners. These birds would sing until carbon monoxide and methane reached lethal levels, falling over dead before the miners were affected. This is a profound metaphor in the broad context of human affairs.

CANARY in a COVID WORLD is one of the most significant books today. Those of us who are still struggling to make sense of our experiences during these past few years are desperately searching for information that is authoritative and trustworthy. This book contains that information.

This newly published anthology of thirty-four essays by courageous critical thinkers, including several Canadians, is readily available. These authors risked their careers and reputations to tell the truth, and their reward was persecution and censorship. In some cases, their licenses to practice medicine were cancelled. In others, they were punished by ostracization. Despite all the hardships, the authors still tried to alert the public to the truth about both the COVID virus and the vaccines.

I had the pleasure of interviewing several of these authors on my GreyMatter podcast, including Professor Bruce Pardy, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Rodney Palmer, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, whom I am honoured to call a friend. They are all leaders in their respective fields: novelists, journalists, lawyers, judges, scientists, physicians, scholars, politicians, researchers, and vaccine-injured patients.

Their shared commitment in finding answers to the questions that trouble us about the COVID-19 pandemic has led them to contribute to this book. In doing so, they have soothed our fears and given us hope. They validated the opinions contradicting the mainstream media and government narratives and revealed that those who question the mob are neither ill-informed nor alone. These authors proved that the powerful elites do not own the truth, nor does repeating lies somehow eventually make them true.

The Covid-19 pandemic drew battle lines that persist today, so that even within families, it is risky to raise this subject in polite conversation. Often, people are so entrenched in their beliefs, that no data, facts, or expert opinions can change their minds. Their deeply ingrained views on lockdowns, vaccines, masking, or the way that future pandemics should be managed are almost impossible to change. This compilation offers hope, despite that the opinions were based upon heavily censored information that most legacy media, the current instruments of propaganda, would not touch.

This book includes diverse, thoughtful voices who share the common goal of awakening citizens to the reality of the situation. Today, critics of the handling of the pandemic have too often been silenced and punished. These authors offer their unique perspectives on the truth about the situation. The book is dedicated to the brave souls who defied aggressive propaganda and exposed the truth, informing and warning others about the totalitarian authorities and the ill-advised public health measures that have caused more harm than good. It is also dedicated to those who lost their lives due to COVID-19 and those who were injured and continue to suffer because they were denied the truth about the experimental vaccines.

Dr. Roger Breggin and his wife, Dr. Ginger Breggin, discuss their book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, showing for the first time, the master plan that was 10 years in the making by malevolent global predators before the pandemic. To reorganize the world under the guise of public health, billionaires, government agencies, and major pharmaceutical companies collaborated to lay the groundwork for what would become Operation Warp Speed. The Breggins exposed this, naming specific individuals and groups, and documenting their schemes. Many top medical and public health experts regard Breggin’s book as the most comprehensive content about those behind the measures seeking to crush individual freedoms and the economies of Western countries, such as the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada.

Another contributor, Dr. Robert Malone, recently published Lies My Government Told Me. When he invented the mRNA vaccine technology as a medical graduate student in the late 1980s, he could not have imagined that he would become a leader in a movement to expose the dangers of the vaccines received by billions of people, often without being informed of the risks.

Because of his opposition to the mainstream narrative, Dr. Malone has been censored by Big Pharma and vilified by the media. Nevertheless, he continues to speak out, alerting the world of the lies that we have been fed. From vaccine safety and effectiveness to early treatments like Ivermectin, lockdowns, and the ineffectiveness of masks, he has been a prominent dissenting voice in the COVID-19 debate. Dr. Malone calls upon us to resist being controlled by corporatist, totalitarian overlords.

Finally, a few paragraphs about another contributor, Dr. Peter McCullough, who has co-authored a recent book, The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death while Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. Dr. McCullough describes the story of doctors who developed safe and effective treatments for COVID-19, and their battle with pharmaceutical companies, who began searching for a cure when the pandemic hit in March of 2020. Dr. McCullough and his colleagues developed effective treatments using generic, repurposed drugs and supplements, saving millions of COVID-19 patients from hospitalization and death, and they did this by following the time-honoured principle that it is best to tackle an illness early before it becomes life-threatening. Despite this success, their efforts were unwelcomed and even rejected by public health officials and the media. Worse, the news of their promising results was dismissed as misinformation. Dr. McCullough and his colleagues soon found themselves censored and attacked in the media. Some were fired from their jobs.

The most salient victims of the smear campaign were the COVID-19 patients who were deprived of effective treatments. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people died needlessly of the disease. During the same time, governments and mainstream media claimed that the only cure for COVID-19 lay in the new mRNA vaccines developed during Operation Warp Speed. These vaccines, unfortunately, were heralded as a cure-all that would save humanity, but as Dr. McCullough shows, the vaccines were neither safe nor effective, and their administration to an unsuspecting populace caused seriously misguided policies and disastrous outcomes.

Once we see the power of censorship and propaganda directed at hiding the truth, we awaken to a new understanding. Only then will we begin to realize the depth of the corruption in our societal institutions: public health, politics, government, science, law, the media, and, of course, Big Pharma.

May we all heed the warning call of the CANARY in a COVID WORLD before it is too late.



Leighton Grey is a Senior Fellow with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He is also Creator & Host of The GreyMatter Podcast

Watch Leighton Grey on Leaders on the Frontier.


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