Public Narratives and the Trucker Convoy

National Citizens Inquiry

David Freiheit, an esteemed lawyer and producer of the popular ‘Viva Frei’ podcast, testifies on the influence of legacy media in shaping public narratives.

In this insightful discussion, David delves into the portrayal of the Truckers Convoy by mainstream media and shares his firsthand experiences at the same event in Ottawa. He critically examines the biases, omissions, and misrepresentations often present in media coverage, highlighting the impact they can have on public perception and understanding.

Drawing upon his legal background and keen insights, David provides a compelling analysis of the role and responsibilities of legacy media in providing accurate and balanced reporting. He emphasizes the need for media consumers to be discerning and to seek alternative sources of information to gain a more comprehensive perspective.  May 18, 2023.  (49 minutes)

Watch on Rumble here.

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