People Left To Die Alone

National Citizens Inquiry
Published on May 31, 2024

Testimony 1

Testimony 2

Mr. Vogiatzakis is the general manager of Voyage funeral home. He recalls the real fear of COVID and how he was initially worried about the effects of the virus and even being close to his own family members. Mr. Vogiatzakis was a witness to people being left to die alone. Older people were confused why their kids did not come to see them. Elders locked in their rooms as homemade prisons. A lady was escorted away by hospital security as she could hear her mother calling her clearly. Her mother died as she was being escorted out. (20 minutes)

Mr. Vogiatzakis  recounts one story of a funeral service for a very young boy, and dealing with the restrictions that the authorities placed upon the services. (6 minutes)

Watch his first testimony on Rumble here and his follow-up testimony on Rumble here.

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