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Never before in world history has a single policy, rooted in nothing but preposterous antics and cruel dystopias imposed by force, so quickly taken over the entire planet Earth. This […]
Published on June 13, 2024

Never before in world history has a single policy, rooted in nothing but preposterous antics and cruel dystopias imposed by force, so quickly taken over the entire planet Earth. This happened in 2020 with the futile attempt to contain a coronavirus that leaked from a lab in Wuhan.

Inspired by the evil example deployed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Wuhan itself, the entire world (with only a few exceptions) attempted universal quarantines and central planning that utterly wrecked the world economy and demoralized citizens planetwide.

In the UK, Commonwealth countries around the world, the United States, and throughout Europe, the slogans and rituals were the same. We are all in this together. Track, trace, isolate. Six feet of distance. No gatherings. No singing. One-way aisles. Stay home, stay safe, use Zoom. Mask up. PCR exams that could not tell the presence of a virus from actual sickness. Known therapeutics pulled from shelves.

No government had ever previously attempted anything on this scale, much less all governments at once.

This entire litany of unworkable lies was followed by the release of an experimental shot built from a technology that had never previously been deployed on the general population. Shots with mRNA delivered through lipid nanoparticles were never able to pass regulatory standards. But under cover of emergency, the huge investments in this technology sailed through and were injected into the arms of billions of people, most of them by force and nearly all through intimidation.

The result over the entire period has been remarkable carnage, not only in the damages from the vaccine (which are more than ever before recorded from any vaccine) but also in reducing and nearly killing the fire of invention and the human spirit itself. After all, humans don’t thrive in cages but that’s exactly where governments of the world tried to put us for a year, two, and more.

Brownstone Institute has heretofore mostly focused on the U.S. case but the problems and issues we study and address are global in scope. So this past week, the team went to Europe at the Catalan coast to meet with top scientists, journalists, jurists, medical doctors, and others in a series of sessions to compare notes on our respective experiences. We sought out voices from 30 different jurisdictions to present where we’ve been, where we are, and where we hope to be.

Perhaps this is not surprising, but the experiences on both sides of the Atlantic are nearly identical. All the above were confirmed in all countries but so has been the lockstep of the major media along with the aggressive censorship of social media and tech. Professors have been hounded out of their departments. Medical doctors have had their licenses revoked.

Broadcasters have been deleted from YouTube. Top professionals have lost their LinkedIn accounts. Dissenters have been smeared with ruthless cruelty.

It’s hard to say whether the crackdown in the United States or in Europe was more extreme because it has been so arbitrary and brutal in all countries. And much depended on the degree of sadism from local authorities.

We even heard from representatives from Sweden, which is said to have had a very light touch. That’s only compared with other states in Europe.

By any normal standard of human rights and liberties, Sweden was egregious, denying families the ability to meet in care homes and hospitals and enforcing strange closures and cancellations. And whatever normal life was allowed to proceed in Sweden, the government went the opposite direction on the shots, with extreme measures to get the entire population shot up with the vaccine that wasn’t. Truly, Sweden fared better than most but the policies were hardly humane or rational by old standards.

Because the human rights violations were lighter in Sweden than other nations should hardly earn high praise.

European economies have yet to recover from the devastation. And just as in the United States, there has been no real accountability, much less punishments meted out to the evildoers. None have apologized. And the only ones to have left office had to be kicked out by voters. Even today, there is a desperate and crying need for truth and honesty.

Many people in the United States have the entirely plausible theory that the COVID caper was nothing but an elaborate attempt to drive Donald Trump from office. That theory seems not to hold up when you consider the global nature of the policies. But remember that the UK at the same time had a prime minister who was attempting to implement Brexit and Brazil had a new populist president who was seeking to uproot the Deep State.

Indeed, every country in Europe was facing the rise of new populist movements in response to mass migration, rising crime and corruption, media complicity, and a captured political class. New political parties were gaining strength in every parliamentary system and they were all targeting the coerced dreams of the elites in the form of a European superstate.

So it wasn’t only about getting Donald Trump. He was one symptom among many. It was about a growing global revolt that needed to be tamped down. The most extreme trick in the shock-and-awe playbook was infectious disease.

This provoked a global establishment, backed by intelligence agencies and the world’s richest corporations, into extreme action with the purpose of reminding populations of the world about who was really running things. As part of that, global media companies, tech companies, and Pharma companies became rich with subsidies and forced consumption. It was not only a political coup but an industrial one too.

We are left today to pick up the pieces even as elite forces are attempting another power grab through the World Health Organization, as its international health regulations imagine many world scenarios of “lockdown until vaccination.” Many nations in the world today are working to stop these efforts.

What was my main takeaway from these meetings? It became very obvious to me that we are facing today a beast of a different sort than we’ve ever seen. The problem is not only national but global. It is not only government but an international government/industry combine that seeks to become a ruling cartel that utterly disables freedom and democracy all over the world.

We hardly even have the language to describe the problem. We once spoke of governments that took possession of private industry as having “nationalized” it. What is the world to deploy when multinational conglomerates take possession of the lives and industries of all people in the world who resist the Great Reset? We don’t even know what to call that.

That’s a tough reality to face. We don’t like to think that the world works this way. We want to believe that our states function as we used to imagine that they did. But it is a fact that COVID not only changed all things, but also revealed all things. We face today a global hegemon that strongly believes in itself, and is willing to persuade egregious methods to keep and enhance its power. It is using censorship and every form of psychological manipulation to tighten its rule over the population.

The Europeans with whom we spoke are far less naive than the Americans. They have long experience with evil planting itself in the seat of power and seeking to profit in a parasitical relationship to the population. There was nothing particularly surprising about this to them. What is exciting today is the growth of the resistance movement, which comes in many forms today and is growing very quickly.

I left with a real sense of optimism about what is possible. The ruling class has gone way too far with its dreams of universal health passports, surveillance, lockdowns, and a permanent disregard of the interests of the people. They have been exposed as never before and plenty of people are very upset about what they are seeing.

We now know the game and the goal in ways we did not five years ago. That’s progress. The delusions of a Europe united and controlled from the center have been exposed and continue to unravel. As for the United States, Europeans watch in amazement as the once-grandiose institution of the Presidency is replaced by a dementia patient whose last remaining life skill is the ability to read a teleprompter. We are one step away from being governed by a hologram.

How exactly the scenario unfolds from here on out is the mystery. Just as global lockdowns are without precedent, so too are the global movements of opposition that have grown up in their wake. No more can the elites merely mouth cliches about climate change and disinformation and expect people just to go along. We have a very long way to go in these efforts but what we are seeing thus far is extremely encouraging.


Jeffrey A. Tucker is Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute and the author of many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press and ten books in 5 languages, most recently Liberty or Lockdown.

Jeffrey A.Tucker’s interview with David Leis on Leaders on the Frontier can be seen here.


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