The Neo-Enclosure of the Whole World

Whitney Webb is not like me, sending out essays on the regular, but when she does, just wow. Working off the attempt by Wall Street to financialize America’s national parks and […]
Published on June 18, 2024

Whitney Webb is not like me, sending out essays on the regular, but when she does, just wow. Working off the attempt by Wall Street to financialize America’s national parks and conserved areas, and living in Chile as she does, she found something and holy pigeon-toed Pete (an expression I am not allowed to use at home) is it fiendish, as in from the devil as in the worst thing you can possibly imagine. It took me a full day to read the essay and understand it. I am doing a precis and folding in what I know.

I live in a green prison camp. It is the world that the UN/WEF plans for us all. The population is low, and despite being one of the prettiest, most fertile, resource-rich places on earth, our population never rises, and in fact, is experiencing slow attrition. House prices are insane, because build-out is capped, therefore supply is limited; roughly one person per five acres is the formula used. People live in tents, RVs, cars.

Our average age is 65+, because few young people can afford to live here. There is no business other than seasonal tourism. There is no housing for school teachers, hospital workers, police or check-out people, the latter of whom live in stacked trailers behind the grocery store.

Every attempt to build social housing, or any housing at all is defeated by “the community”, by which I mean vicious little stouts who stand up and whine about climate change, and “too many people”. They field children “I’m so scared for my future”, and retired professors so old they can barely stand up “worried about my grandchildren”. After about thirty of these, the already compromised officials refuse the application. This. Happens. Everywhere.

As a result we are in stasis. Any new business has to conform to a code so onerous they count the number of cars in your driveway, estimate the carbon emissions, and then factor that into the application. Approval for any actual business that would employ people and create something people want to buy, can cost a million bucks and take five years.

This is what is being imposed on South and Central America. They are lowering this net of regulatory steel region by region, city by city, avoiding going through national assemblies or parliaments. It is meant to be another bureaucratic behemoth much like the EU. A slow but relentless drawing down of activity.

Unelected entities – working out of Geneva, with the ultimate authority resting in the Bank of International Settlements – will enforce this net – link to piece.

There are so many larcenous, unethical outfits involved in this it would take fifty pages to explain them all. So, I’ll just list a few. Interestingly some have been scrubbed from the web since Whitney’s piece. The big daddy is called Green+. And yes it is a spawn of the World Economic Forum. Satellogic, Palentir, CC35, the Global Footprint Network, the Energy Coalition, Catalytic Finance Foundation, Global Carbon Parks, Isolas, Lockton, Cercarbono, Rootstock, World Resources Institute, Community Electricity, The Energy Coalition, the Intrinsic Exchange Group, IDB, Inter-American Development Group, Cities 4 Forests, the Subnational Climate Fund, Pegasus Capital, BNP Paribas, the Chilean Communist Party, Olidata Smart Cities LLC,  Adima, Silverbear Capital, EcoRegistry.

This is what they are after:

Why are Peter Thiel and Elon Musk involved? Is it part of the price of admission? Do they get to operate as long as they do things like this? I mean I understand the CIA, Mossad, the National Security State, including DARPA, DHS, NSA, ever looking to extend the reach of their power. Was this the pay-back? We supported you with grants and access, now we want you to design and enforce surveillance of an entire continent? Satellogic, which is attached to Thiel’s Palentir, will, alongside Elon Musk’s SpaceX, provide submetric resolution satellite surveillance. Every breath you take, every move you make will be clocked, measured and assigned value.

This is a silent coup which takes all of the resources of South and Central America, financializes them and trades them. No South American will make anything from it. They are just meant to know they are “saving the world”.

They will have to fight for firewood. The main thrust of this is to “avoid deforestation”. The forests “will be monitored to create credible carbon credits which will be traded on the exchanges”.

Satellite surveillance will “enable individuals, organizations and global markets to accurately monitor the compliance of signatory jurisdictions to avoid deforestation”.

All this is accompanied by lovely charts that mean nothing. Here are a few. They have been pulled from the internet since Whitney’s piece, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t operational

And by the way, peasants of South America, you will pay for the installation of your prison, and so will your descendants to the tenth generation. Plus, guess what! No growth. No business, no logging, no fishing, no farming. Just tend your few animals and your vegetable garden and let yourself be used as a carbon credit for the Bank of International Settlements. Community Electricity will supply your energy, as needed. You have been monetized, tokenized and traded on a block chain.

What that means in reality is that nothing will be built, and nothing will be produced. The only course is subsistence living.

They are going through regional governments to effect this. Somewhat like what happened in my region. Greens took hold of government of towns and islands, through sheer persistence. We thought their motives were pure, good. And by the time we all realized they were anti-human, and thought nothing of ruining the financial lives of families, it was too late. We were innocents in a dark wood. This, of course, has happened all over the developed and developing world. No wonder China is thought of as a savior in some regions, it at least is offering paid work.

I am going to briefly explain, in actual-not-obfuscated-to-the-max language, the financial arrangement innocent South American politicians are consenting to. Because of course, they come in offering money and opportunity. It all sounds so so good. It is all a lie.

The people and the land are monetized, given an arbitrary value, somewhat like how the White House, as explained yesterday, decided that the lands and resources, including people, of the United States were worth $100 trillion.

The money will be created, in digital dollars and held in a blockchain by the Green+ Trust. A partial release (with fee deducted) of between 40-60% of the funds received will arrive over a period of ten years. The release will be used ONLY for conservation and decarbonization, 50/50. The rest is allocated towards creating NEW carbon credits.

Which are then sold to investors, at a 50% discounted price for original investors, in this wholesale theft. Investors like this guy who invented derivatives, that wonderful new “financial instrument”, that created the 08 crisis, and who is responsible for this madness.

Some of that money will be used by The Energy Coalition and Community Electricity, to create an intercontinental smart grid in the Americas. (all of them).

Just to make sure you really understand what the release for ‘decarbonization’ and ‘conservation’ is meant to do, it is to shut down any commercial activity, and especially any ranching, farming, logging, mining, manufacturing. Because shutting down is how you “conserve” and “decarbonize”. So a town over time, in order to get their own money back, shutters a factory, and claims the carbon credits. Regulation may be used to create credits; upping the regulatory burden slows or stops activity. And the city, town or region, gets some of the people’s money back. This is funded de-development.

There is no such thing as a green economy. It is a misnomer for socialism, for a grim communism which strips everyone but the prison guards of their self-determination, their humanity. Like this guy. Who is their enforcer:

Webb, among others, calls this a neo-enclosure movement. The idea of Natural Capital has been around for decades, first advanced by Paul Hawken.

But, the structural ideas, how to effect it, came out of the World Resources Institute. WRI is funded by the U.S., the E.U., Google, Meta, Soros, the U.N., Walmart, the World Bank, Caterpillar, the U.K., Germany and Denmark, alongside Rockefeller, the Inter-American Development Group and the Intrinsic Exchange Group. All of these are affiliated with the World Economic Forum.

From there, The Intrinsic Exchange Group created the idea of Natural Asset Corporations which use natural assets and natural capital to produce new financial and insurance products.

The estimated value of the world’s resource assets is $4,000 trillion or $4 quadrillion. These people, these thieves, are bent on taking it all and parceling it back if we are very, very good little serfs. Eventually, as financial hardship catches up to us, we will get an allowance.

The foolishness of this is titanic. It will not work. The econometrics are a lie. They are based in falsehood.  If they manage to do it, they will destroy everything good man has ever created.  They will create hell.

And perhaps that’s the point.

This is part of a series on how our economy has been wrecked by Green. Everyone on this planet should be two or three times as rich and we should be living in a golden age. The Green movement is the principal impediment to this.


Elizabeth Nickson is a Senior Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.  Follow her on Substack here.



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