Rolf Penner

CWB Disparities

Re: "The case rests on shaky math," Rolf Penner, Opinion, July 3. Rolf Penner makes a price comparison between wheat at Bottineau, N.D. and Boissevain, Manitoba. While this analysis is a worthwhile exercise, it does not provide the foundation to support Penner's...

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Good Ideas Drowning in Regulation

Politicians love to crow about regulations they enact. They take out advertisements bragging about how tough they are on industries and how they are protecting us. Protecting us? From innovation, productivity, competitiveness, investment, more money in our pockets, a longer life and a cleaner environment? They have got to be kidding.

Barley, Free at Last

Except for a few sticks-in-the-mud, no one doubts any longer that Prairie farmers want choices in how they market their barley. By restoring dignity and property rights to growers, the new policy will bring clear benefits, not least a declaration that, when it comes...