Frontier Centre Expands into Alberta

Frontier Centre begins "on the ground" presence in Alberta with appointment of author and analyst Mark Milke as Alberta Senior Fellow.
Published on February 1, 2008

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an independent Western Canadian think tank with offices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, is expanding its operations into Alberta. It has appointed prominent public policy analyst and author Mark Milke as its Alberta Senior Fellow, effective February 1st, 2008.

“Mark is well-known and respected for his concise and clear-headed approach to public policy” said Frontier President Peter Holle, “His outcomes-focused perspective on achieving better, higher performing public policy aligns well with the Frontier Centre’s expanding areas of work and research across several important fields of policy.”

““The Frontier Centre has held occasional events in Calgary over past years and appears occasionally in some print media,” Holle said,”but Mark will be our first person on the ground in the Alberta policy space. This completes the Frontier Centre’s original plan to develop a local presence in the 3 Prairie Provinces. We expect to grow our footprint in Alberta as thing move forward. There is substantial opportunity for improving public policy in Alberta across many areas, particularly healthcare, handling rapid growth, and placing public services on more transparent and results-oriented foundations.”

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy ( was established in 1999 in Winnipeg to create an independent forum for results-focused public policy thinking, broaden the debate on important topics that affect Canadians and profile cutting-edge public policy thinking from around the world. It has 10 staff, a budget of one million dollars, and operates a broad range of publishing and outreach activities across 9 project areas including healthcare, education, the environment, aboriginals, rural policy, equalization, housing, cities and poverty. To guarantee its independence it is one of a handful of registered charitable think tanks in Canada that do not accept any grants from governments.

Mark Milke is a lecturer in political philosophy and international relations at the University of Calgary, a doctoral candidate in Political Science, policy analyst, and author of three books on Canadian politics, including the 2006 A Nation of Serfs? How Canada’s Political Culture Corrupts Canadian Values from John Wiley & Sons. He is a former director (first in Alberta and then British Columbia) with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation 1997-2002. Since 2002, among other work, Mark has written policy papers on the Canada Pension Plan, Alberta’s Heritage Fund, automobile insurance, corporate welfare and the flat tax. He is writing his PhD dissertation on the effects of anti-Americanism on deliberative democracy in Canada and is a Sunday columnist for the Calgary Herald. In addition, his columns on politics, hiking, nature and architecture have been published across Canada including in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, The Western Standard, Vancouver Sun, and Victoria Times Colonist and the Washington DC magazine on politics, The Weekly Standard.

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