Usage Based Billing – US Update

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If usage based billing is the way of the future as claimed by Bell and the Chair of the CRTC, how come has Amazon introduced a service that offers fixed rate, monthly pricing for unlimited access to video/movie library and unlimited 2-day shipping service on the delivery of physical goods?  The Globe and Mail

Amazon can figure out how to deliver physical goods for a flat rate fee but Bell and other incumbents can’t figure out how to do that with electrons.  It is amazing how competition works if it is allowed to function in an open and competitive market.

The comments left by readers to the Globe article are worth a read as well.

Yo CRTC! Things have changed since your big presentation earlier this month. Meet the new face of “normal”. CRTC? You listening? Who are the “heavy users” now?

If this service was offered in Canada, I wonder if Canada Post would attempt to place a usage cap and usage based billing on top of this service offered by Amazon like Bell et al do with digital services?