Manitoba Health Spending: Still Much Higher Than Average

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  • In 2011, Manitoba’s provincial government spent $5.32 billion on health care.
  • Manitoba’s provincial government spent $4, 266 per person on health care. This is 12.9 per cent more than the Canadian average of $3, 778.
  • If per-person healthcare spending in Manitoba had been aligned with the national average, the province would have saved just more than  $600 million in 2011.
  • As was the case a decade ago, Manitoba spends considerably more money per-person on healthcare then the Canadian average and this high level of spending continues to strain the provincial budget.
  • There is no clear evidence Manitoba’s high level of healthcare spending has led to higher levels of healthcare system performance than exist elsewhere in Canada. Recent inter-provincial analyses by the Frontier Centre show that despite spending levels that are well above average, Manitoba’s healthcare system performance ranks in the middle of the pack when compared to other provinces.














Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information

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