Year: 2013

Alberta’s Growing Foreign Policy Presence

When thinking of foreign policy, one thinks of the processes and actors involved with federal governments making decisions about how to best pursue national interests and interact in an increasingly complex world. But many aspects of foreign policy formulation have...

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More To Do In Saskatchewan

A recent report by the Fraser Institute on economic freedom across all 60 Canadian provinces and US states, has ranked Alberta first, and Saskatchewan right behind in second place. This news received significant media coverage in Saskatchewan and across North America...

Happy Holidays 2013

The Board and Staff of the Frontier Centre would like to wish you peace, health and happiness throughout the coming year. We look forward to sharing our vision for a stronger and more prosperous Canadian society with you in 2014 and for many years to come.

Coase, Pigou, and Sriracha Sauce

Huy Fong has been ordered to cease any odor emitting production by a California judge. This could lead to a shortage of their wildly popular Sriracha hot sauce. While foodies are upset, residents who sought the injunction against Huy Fong appear to have a legitimate...