Frontier Centre Appoints new Vice-President of Research

Media Release, Economy, Frontier Centre

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has appointed Gerard Lucyshyn as Vice-President of Research effective August 15, 2017. Gerard will be taking over for outgoing Vice-President Dr. Rodney Clifton who will be taking on the responsibility as Publications Editor for Frontier and will also remain as a Senior Research Fellow within the Aboriginal Futures and Education research portfolios.

“Gerard currently resides in Alberta but he has lived and worked in all three of the prairie provinces, the geographical focus of Frontier” said Peter Holle, President of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. “As a Senior Research Fellow, Gerard demonstrated a rare ability to distill complicated issues into well-written and accessible articles and reports for practical audiences. Currently he is leading Frontier’s Saskatchewan Legacy Project. This project is examining the long term financial performance of controversial mega-projects and policy decisions made in Saskatchewan during the 1980’s”.

Gerard Lucyshyn is an economist, who has lectured in the Department of Economics, Political Science, and Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University and at St. Mary’s University since 2005. Gerard’s academic interests include fiscal, monetary, and economic/trade policies and legislation. He has written articles on a variety of topics, including municipal, provincial, federal, and international issues. Complementing his academia experience, Gerard has serviced on numerous university, community, and public boards. He has also served a variety of industries as a business and economic consultant.

View the PDF here: Holle Lucyshyn News Release Aug 16 2017