A Valuation of Export Development Canada

Valuation of Crown Corporations, Crown Corporations, Ian Madsen

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has just released Extreme Dearth of Cash Flow: A Valuation of Export Development Canada by Ian Madsen, a senior policy analyst with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. The paper conducts an in depth valuation of the alternative choices for Canadian taxpayers if EDC were divested.

EDC is Canada’s export credit agency and is responsible for providing insurance and financial services to Canadian exporters. It is also a Crown corporation owned by the federal government. EDC role is in assisting Canadian foreign investment and export sales, but after a thorough valuation of this crown corporation, other institutions could serve in its place as EDC is not as profitable as it appears to the public. Madsen’s valuation explores the alternative choices for Canadians if EDC was divested.

To read this critical valuation of EDC, click here: VS04_EDC-Valuation_MA2818_F3