Impossible to Soar With a Pension Deadweight: A Valuation of Canada Post Corporation

Crown Corporations, Ian Madsen, Valuation

WINNIPEG, MB, October 1, 2018 – The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has just released Public Choice Alternative: Canada Post Corporation by Ian Madsen, a senior policy analyst with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. This paper conducts an in depth valuation of the alternative choices for Canadian taxpayers if the federal government sold Canada Post Corporation.

Canada Post is the primary postal operator in Canada. Canada Post Corporation, like many other crown corporations is facing major obstacles especially in keeping up with the modern day demands. Digitization has led to a decline in mail volumes and Canada Post has failed to capitalize on macro trends like e-commerce. High labour cost and the inability to keep up with pension obligations continue to plague Canada Post. If the federal government were to privatized this crown corporation, a number of benefits could come out of this.

To learn more and read this important valuation of the Canada Post Corporation, click here: VS07_CanPostCorp_OC0118_F1