The Auto Insurance Corporation that works beyond Saskatchewan: SGI

Briefing Note, Crown Corporations, Alexandra Burnett

SGI Canada was created in 1944. Since it’s initial creation, SGI has become two distinct operations: the Saskatchewan Auto Fund and SGI Canada. The Saskatchewan Auto Fund issues driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations, while SGI Canada is responsible for property and casualty insurance and operates in 5 different provinces.

Recently SGI was under fire for writing off a vehicle, but then had it repaired and returned to the owner without consent. The vehicle was deemed to be unsafe to drive.

In 1944, The Saskatchewan Government Insurance Act was passed by the Saskatchewan government, creating the Crown corporation that is known today as SGI. Since its creation, SGI’s mandate is to provide comprehensive, affordable insurance protection to the people of Saskatchewan. In 1980, legislated changes to The Saskatchewan Government Insurance Act, 1980 and The Automobile Accident Insurance Act distinguished between the compulsory vehicle insurance program for the province (the Saskatchewan Auto Fund) and the competitive insurer offering additional property and casualty products (SGI Canada).

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