Coming Soon … Let the People Speak: Oppression in a Time of Reconciliation

Announcement, Aboriginal Futures, Sheilla Jones

Sheilla Jones is a Senior Fellow with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, leading the Treaty Annuity/Individual Empowerment Initiative. She is an award-winning Canadian journalist, former CBC news editor, and author of several books on cosmology and quantum physics, her new book examines Indigenous Affairs (IA) which has became a stand-alone Canadian government department  in 1966, it has mushroomed into a federal department unlike any other. IA has jurisdictional reach over 90 percent of Canada’s land mass, authorities that reach into every single federal government department and agency, with an annual budget (including its 33 federal co-delivery partners) of some $20 billion annually. Indigenous Affairs Plus (IA+) is effectively a “super-province.”  Yet not a single person overseeing this new super- power within Confederation has been elected by Indigenous people to represent their interests.

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