Talking Points: Modernizing Treaty Annuities

Speech, Aboriginal Futures, Sheilla Jones

Talking Points Treaty Annuities

The talking points on modernizing treaty annuities are intended to provide an accessible means of conveying the key points to a general audience, with later translations into French and Cree (the largest Indigenous language group in Canada). The talking points are conveyed in six (6) themes:

  1. Treaty annuity rights are an individual right;
  2. Treaty annuities are intended to empower FN individuals and families within the collective;
  3. Treaty annuities are intended as a livelihood support;
  4. Treaty annuities are a means of sharing the land;
  5. Five key reasons why treaty annuities have not been modernized since 1875;
  6. Modernizing annuities today means empowering FN individuals and families.