Investigate Criminal Allegations Concerning Covid 19 Pandemic Response

Since 2020, the World has borne witness to the systematic degradation and elimination of the most basic rights and freedoms as guaranteed to citizens. I have prepared a detailed report […]
Published on August 10, 2022

Since 2020, the World has borne witness to the systematic degradation and elimination of the most basic rights and freedoms as guaranteed to citizens.

I have prepared a detailed report ( which makes the case that the government’s Covid 19 pandemic response involves criminal negligence.   Its actions (lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates) were presented to the public in Canada and around the world as an emergency of such proportion that it justified the suspension of civil liberties, the restriction of civil rights, and forced medical procedures on all individuals through mandates, coercion and threats of violence, loss of employment etc.

The facts presented in The Report support the case that the risk to the public from Covid 19 was and is being criminally exaggerated to  terrorize and coerce the public into accepting what we believe are illegal government dictates.

Lives have been destroyed in the process.  People have died and been injured from unsafe medical procedures. These actions have significantly increased suicides, crime, drug addiction, domestic violence and other social maladies.

Peoples’ lives were disrupted with the closing of schools and businesses that shredded the social fabric of our nation. The closure of churches and other places of social interaction and community, eliminated support systems that were in place to assist Canadians.

This Report reveals that the unprecedented actions taken by the governments during the Covid 19 Pandemic were not based on credible  statistics but biased and occasionally flawed statistics supplied by the Canadian Government themselves.

Using  actual numbers provided by the Government consider several surprising findings:

The government  claimed that people over the age of 70 had an unprecedented and unacceptable risk of dying from Covid 19. It locked down and isolated these people from their loved ones – many of whom died in loneliness and despair.

The Report found that in 2019, before Covid 19, people over 70 years of age, in Canada, had a 1 in 32 chance of dying for any reason.  However, according to Statistics Canada, in 2020, in the age group of 70 years old and older, the risk of contracting and dying of Covid 19 was 1 in 324. Therefore the risk of dying from Covid 19, at the age of 70 was ten times lower -1000% lower than the chance of simply dying from other causes!

The above statistics do not consider or debate the number of deaths in this group that were attributed to Covid 19.  In order to be counted as a Covid 19 death a patient only had to test positive for Covid 19 at the time of death.

This analysis does not consider the fact that the testing procedures being used to detect Covid 19 have been found to be highly unreliable. Had these factors, and many others been included in the analysis, an already extremely low death count would have been further reduced.

A similar analysis for children under the age of 19 was carried out.

In 2020, the odds of contracting and dying from Covid 19 in this age group was: 1 in 4,072,068. In 2019, the odds of dying from any cause in this age group was: 1 in 5,963 o the odds of dying from any cause at all, in this age group was 683 times higher than the chance of a person contracting and dying from Covid 19.

Based on these statistics how could these risks be considered so severe that civil liberties had to be suspended?

The Report also examines morbidity rates across various age groups; misleading government messaging; statistical risks of vaccines to pregnant women and children; informed consent; known vaccine injuries; intensive care bed management; pre-existing plans to deal with a pandemic; reporting systems; reductions in live births in 2020; and a variety of other topics.

The Report discusses vaccine injuries as reported by the government, despite emerging data indicating much higher injury rates than have reported by the voluntary government reporting system.

Based on the number of injuries reported, it is inconceivable that the vaccine would have been used on population groups who were at greater risk from the vaccine itself, than from the disease. But the statistics reported by the government clearly show that the emergency declarations were unwarranted and the risk associated with the novel Covid 19 vaccines were higher, in some age groups, than the risks associated with Covid 19 itself.

It will be difficult for many readers to absorb the information contained in this Report, as it confirms that they have been deceived, and that the deception has been used to 1) strip them of their Charter Rights and Freedoms and 2) to force them into taking a medical procedure, whose long term safety and efficacy is unknown.

The crimes that are alleged to have been committed against the Canadian people are without precedent, and the damage will be with us for decades, action must be taken to bring the perpetrators to justice. After reviewing the full Report, we urge you to deliver copies to your government representatives, police etc.  The more people that become involved, the more impact the report will have.



Ken Drysdale is a forensic engineer with over 4 decades of technical experience. He has completed hundreds of detailed technical investigations.  His investigations have been relied upon in court, arbitrations, dispute resolution, and to define and remedy a variety of scientific and technical issues.

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