Fernando: An Attempt to Create Controversy Where None Exists

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Frontier reposts a recent comment by independent media analyst Spencer Fernando below about the coordinated attack on the Frontier Centre by heavily government subsidized major media outlets after the most recent Lunch on the Frontier event in Winnipeg on January 13th 2023.  Spencer Fernando’s website is www.spencerfernando.com.  



In a coordinated attack, the Liberals, NDP, and establishment media are all slamming Pierre Poilievre for speaking to a group accused of ‘residential school denialism.’

In reality, the organization he spoke to is a centre-right Western Canadian think-tank well within the mainstream of conservative thought, and this is nothing but an attempt to create a controversy where none exists.

The fact that the Liberals, NDP and the media launched the attack using nearly identical wording is no coincidence. They have a clear overarching plan to demonize Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives as much as possible.

The Liberals, NDP, and establishment media may claim to be separate organizations, but they are very much acting as one unified group that is simply hiding behind separate labels.

With much of the media acting as an appendage of the Liberal-NDP Pact, we are once again seeing why independent media is so important.

As independent media grows in strength, we are seeing a consolidation of those who want the status quo to continue.

That’s why the Liberal-NDP Pact and the media are also pushing for online censorship legislation and state control over who is defined as a ‘journalist.’

The more they fear their power eroding, the more they will use their remaining power to try and weaken those who oppose them.