Peckford: New Brunswick’s Auditor General Tells the Truth —Province Had No Evidence For Their Covid Measures

Well, one day the truth might come out. At least we have one honest public servant! When I asked the Premiers to refer their measures to their highest court the […]
Published on December 20, 2023

Well, one day the truth might come out.

At least we have one honest public servant!

When I asked the Premiers to refer their measures to their highest court the Premier of New Brunswick was the only one who responded to say they would do their own study. Well, if this is what he meant then I should acknowledge that this Premier looks like he got something right on the COVID thing —or did the AG do this on his own?

Never mind – it was done and what I have been saying about there being no cost benefit analysis to ‘demonstrably justify ‘violating the Charter of Right and Freedoms has been vindicated.

Will other Provinces come clean. Will other Provincial AG’s do what this AG has done.

Quoting from a Victoria Times Colonist article of December 14 referring to a Canadian Press Report:

‘In his report presented to the legislature Thursday, Paul Martin said the office of the chief medical officer was unable to provide him with the scientific articles, papers, publications and analyses it used to formulate many COVID-19-related recommendations that informed the provincial government’s health orders.’

The article went on to say:

‘The Health Department said that because it lacked those documents, it “cannot provide a fulsome and detailed list of all of the evidence consulted and used when recommendations were being formulated,” Martin said in his report.’

This should be headlines all over Canada !!

The AG was asked whether people should be concerned at such lack of evidence based decision making:

He replied:

‘When it comes to this type of situation, the pandemic, there’s got to be accountability beyond the norms here,” Martin said in response. “And I would hope they would move towards that direction in the future to have those improvements set up in case this happens again.”

Martin said he is “always surprised” when people don’t keep documentation about health-related decisions.

“If a doctor is overseeing any person or meeting with a person, they keep their files, they keep their notes … there’s a file, there is evidence. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be there in this case.” 

An initial report from Martin on the province’s COVID-19 response, released in September, found that New Brunswick did not learn lessons from the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. He said the province’s pandemic plans were not updated with recommendations from the provincial government’s 2009 report on the H1N1 crisis.

Last month, the province’s outgoing chief medical health officer, Dr. Jennifer Russell, said “political preferences” helped inform the decisions that were made during the COVID-19 pandemic, although she did not elaborate on them.’

All the Provinces of Canada and the Territories need an independent look —-and do you think it is only New Brunswick that made decisions without sound scientific evidence?

People have died, people injured, jobs lost, economic hardship endured —as a result of delayed diagnosis , delayed surgeries because of COVID decisions without scientific evidence ——not to mention the deaths from the experimental vaccines where it is a scientific fact that the COVID vaccines saw more adverse events in 3 years that all vaccines did in the last 30 years.

Heads should begin to roll!!


The Honourable A. Brian Peckford P.C. is the last living First Minister who helped craft the Canadian Charter of Rights


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