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Harm Reduction News

A Lancet study finds e-cigarettes appear to cut consumption of smokers. After six months, however, the 57% of e-cigarette users had halved the number of cigarettes smoked each day compared with 41% in those using patches. I find it strange that some people want to ban...

Municipal Mergers – One Small Positive Step

The Manitoba Government has now decided that one size fits all does not work well for guiding municipal mergers.  That is a small positive step for the know it all people in government. The next step is to understand that local municipalities have been entering into...

Natural Gas Versus Hydro

The energy debate in Manitoba is slowly getting around to looking at a proposition I advanced when I was with the Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association that involves deploying scalable natural gas systems as an alternative to large, long lead time hydro dams.

In my opinion, there is a need to move towards a more distributed model of producing energy in this province.  As I described in 2009, it is possible that moving towards a combination of a distributed energy generation and smart grids could…

  • improve the security of supply of energy across Manitoba;
  • distribute benefits associated with electrical energy production more equitably throughout Manitoba;
  • encourage the adoption of combined heat-and-power energy systems in agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional settings;
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions and negative environmental impacts associated with energy mega-project development;
  • create a platform to implement demand-side energy management systems and time-of-use rates;
  • more fully utilize existing electrical transmission and distribution assets throughout Manitoba.

Featured News

Keystone in the News

One more element has been put in place with the release of a Draft State Department Assessment of the impacts of the pipeline. In my mind, the assessment is correct that the pipeline will have limited impact on the future development of the oil sands.  Already higher...

Public Good Research

In this new global world, is there not a need to fund Ag Canada and the National Research Council to perform this type of foundation building research that can launch new innovations into our economy?