Manitoba’s Bill 18 Fails the Test of Good Legislation

Commentary, Education, Frontier Centre

Bullying is deeply hurtful to students and destructive to the culture of schools. In the past, bullying was often dismissed as a minor issue, but today school officials and the general public take it much more seriously. Several provinces, including Manitoba, have decided to redress school bullying with legislation. But, to be effective, the legislation must satisfy two fundamental criteria: it must define bullying accurately, and it must respect existing rights and freedoms.

You Can No Longer Fail in School

Media Appearances, Education, Frontier Centre

“Zwaagstra has been writing educational papers for years, but this one (An ‘F’ for Social Promotion) is making some serious waves, and deserves the national attention it’s getting. That’s because it’s a wake up call to snap us out of drunken delusions our education system has allowed to become common practice.”

Residential Schools: Another View

Commentary, Aboriginal Futures, Rodney Clifton

Most children who went to residential school learned to read, write and calculate. Many children also learned other modern skills — the principles of democracy and common law, for example — which would help them participate more fully in both aboriginal and Canadian society. Given this context, were aboriginal residential schools the unmitigated disasters that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will, without a doubt, hear them described as? Probably not.