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Why Teachers Unions Shouldn’t Run Education

Congratulations to Gary Mason for a fine piece in today's Globe, correctly asserting that the elected government of British Columbia rather than the B.C. Teachers' Federation should run the province's education system. The union and the government are currently in a...

How Schools Fail Kids by Not Failing Them

On December 4, 2010 Michael Zwaagstra delivered his key points as to why public schools are failing to properly prepare today’s students for the real world to the attendees of the Society for Quality Education‘s (SQE) annual general meeting in downtown Toronto, mostly because, he argues, that schools refuse to fail students.

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An Uprising in Canada

An Uprising in Canada

Ten years ago, Douglas Bland, a retired lieutenant-colonel from the Canadian Forces and the Chair of Defense Studies at Queen’s University, wrote Uprising: A Novel. In this 500-page work of “fiction,” Bland outlines how militant Indigenous warriors and their allies...

Liberty or Death is the Question

Liberty or Death is the Question

“Give me liberty or give me death” was a battle cry that many people will remember hearing, but few will recall the statesman who said it. Even fewer will know what it meant. These seven words concluded a speech given by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775; a speech that...

Manitoba’s Bill 18 Fails the Test of Good Legislation

Bullying is deeply hurtful to students and destructive to the culture of schools. In the past, bullying was often dismissed as a minor issue, but today school officials and the general public take it much more seriously. Several provinces, including Manitoba, have decided to redress school bullying with legislation. But, to be effective, the legislation must satisfy two fundamental criteria: it must define bullying accurately, and it must respect existing rights and freedoms.