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The Campus Tendency to Extremism

The Campus Tendency to Extremism

There is a common cultural dynamic in which competition among members of a social or political movement for the prestige of ideological purity and group leadership leads to more and more extreme substantive positions. Examples are countless: Christianity, based on a...

More Buckets of Icy Cold Energy Reality

More Buckets of Icy Cold Energy Reality

The full-court press is on for climate chaos disaster and renewable energy salvation. CNN recently hosted a seven-hour climate event for Democrat presidential aspirants. Every day brings more gloom-and-doom stories about absurd, often taxpayer-funded pseudo-scientific...

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Schools Need Diversity of Thought

If you visit the website of any Canadian teachers’ union, you might think that all teachers reside on the far left of the political spectrum.  For example, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) is not shy about taking left-leaning stands on controversial...

Free to Choose

Free To Choose is about freedom, the interrelationship of personal, political and economic freedom. Free To Choose is about the ideas of Milton and Rose Friedman, ideas that still dominate public policy debates decades after they were first proposed. Free To Choose is about those who refined and continue to extend these ideas.

Socialism In Reverse

“All great ideas go through three stages. In the first stage they are ridiculed. In the second stage, they are strongly opposed. And in the third stage they are considered to be self-evident,” the philosopher Schopenhauer once observed. Privatization may not have reached stage three, but it’s getting there.