The Failed Economics of Carbon Taxes

The Failed Economics of Carbon Taxes

A leading Canadian economist says the case for carbon taxes is limited and its proponents deliver more rhetoric than reality. In an interview with this author, Steve Ambler, Economics Professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal gave an excellent economic...

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Economic liberalization cuts poverty

A new video shows that poverty reduction targets in the developing world have already been met. The reduction has come from some of the most populous countries- namely China and India- reducing poverty levels through economic liberalization. The video also states...

Densification Policy Hurts the Poor

The majority of the world’s population now live in cities. People leave poor rural areas hoping for a better life with more economic possibilities in urban areas. The most successful cities are able to handle population growth and naturally expand their physical size....

Fewer People Below Poverty Line than ever -Why are We not Talking About it?

It’s been almost a month since Statistics Canada released its latest report on poverty in Canada (“Income of Canadians,” June 27). Since then I’ve been watching to see whether somebody, anybody would write about it. You would think somebody would. It is a well-established principle of social justice that a society should make its first priority improving the lot of the worst off among it, and is to be judged by how well it does in this regard. What is more, the news on this front is remarkable, even extraordinary.