Year: 2003

A New Relationship with the Feds

Western Canada’s relationship with central Canada dates back to those days when the Prairie region was split into three provinces so that it would not be a future challenge to central Canada through its size or natural resources. Today, the West is a true economic powerhouse. It has the capacity to cooperate and it is time for a new federal relationship with the region. Hopefully a new Prime Minister can also provide a basis for an enduring new relationship.

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The Lone Eagles

Executive Summary The development of instantaneous, rapid and reliable communications systems is transforming the rural areas of North America. The exponential expansion of the necessary infrastructure to the most remote regions, often expressed as the “death of...

Russia kills Kyoto

A senior Kremlin official, Andrei Illarionov, declared yesterday that Russia would not ratify the international treaty requiring cuts in the emissions of gases linked to global warming