Government regulation threatens homeless meal program

A program in southern Ontario that serves meals to homeless people is being threatened because it is using home cooked meals.
September 6, 2013

A program in Kitchener, ON that feeds over 250 people a night is in danger after being issued a directive.

This news article explains the story of Ray of Hope.

The local public health authority issued the directive which states that the program must prepare their food in a kitchen that is inspected.

Up until now, individuals and church groups have provided meals to the program.

Organizers with the program complain that there will be increased costs associated with paying a staff member to come in early, as well as increased costs for utilities and appropriate kitchen equipment.

Two church groups have already stated they cannot participate in the program any longer because they can’t cook in the Ray of Hope kitchen.

This case illustrates problems of the Nanny State. Why can’t we just allow people to help other people?

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