Indigenous Entrepreneurship In Canada

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The Frontier Centre for Public Policy has just released a new research paper, Indigenous Entrepreneurship In Canada. This research paper is authored by Joseph Quesnel, a research fellow with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. This paper shares the stories of 6 successful Indigenous entrepreneurs from Canada and how they advanced in the business world.

Increasingly, Indigenous entrepreneurship is growing in Canada, especially among women. These entrepreneurs have become successful business leaders overcoming legal, political and community-level obstacles that face many Indigenous people today. This research paper profiles 6 Indigenous entrepreneurs, and examines commonalities in their experiences, challenges, and provides teachable lessons about how these entrepreneurs were able to achieve success. More and more companies and investors are looking to bring opportunities and support to Indigenous entrepreneurs.   

To read this inspiring research paper, click here: FC-PS214_IndigeneousEntrep_SP2718_F2