Profile Series: Dion Devow

Profile, Aboriginal Futures, Joseph Quesnel

Mark “Dion” Devow, 47, an Indigenous entrepreneur and business leader from Australia, said his Indigenous clothing line could have done better financially at the
start if he had chosen a different name, but he deliberately chose it to make a point.

Devow established Darkies Design – an Indigenous clothing line – back in 2010. Darkies Design is an online marketplace for Indigenous artists to connect with the
corporate world.

Initially he received criticism for his choice of the word “darkies”, but he said choosing it was about reclaiming the word and removing the negativity behind it. “We need to flip the negative around,” he said. “I was the most dark person I knew,” said Devow with a laugh, in a Skype interview. “I was always proud to be very dark.”

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