Peckford: A System Problem Not a Party Problem

It’s Not Just Trudeau —But All The Federal Leaders In Parliament And Even More So The Premiers Of The Provinces And Leaders of The Territories—It’s a System Problem Not a […]
Published on June 9, 2023

It’s Not Just Trudeau —But All The Federal Leaders In Parliament And Even More So The Premiers Of The Provinces And Leaders of The Territories—It’s a System Problem Not a Party Problem.


One of the most frustrating parts of being a freedom fighter and a defender of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is how the narrative has centred around the Federal Government and the Trudeau Administration and how lightly, therefore, has been the attack on the Provincial and Territorial Leaders.

Yet, it is the Provincial Leaders who have imposed the cruel , unconstitutional lockdowns, and mandates — who are parties to delayed surgeries , delayed crucial medical appointments and the eventual deaths of many.

I mean how do you square a Canadian Provincial Socialist Government, adamant about Government Controlled health care, finalizing a deal with American Private Medical Facilities in Washington State to treat Canadian cancer patients in their American facilities?

That our vaunted Government health care has failed, admitted by the actions of the leaders of that Government health care.

Yet, Provincial elections have been held in many Provinces in the last year where these Provincial Leaders have been re-elected by the citizens—where the lockdowns and mandates were not a major issue in the elections——that the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec were re-elected, the leaders who presided over a Provinces that had to call in the military to help manage their nursing homes, and produced reports demonstrating the lack of responsible health care leadership in those Provinces.

Why the concentration on the Federal Government. Health care is Provincial.

Yes, no one knows better than I the Trudeau power, how I fought against Trudeau Sr in denying Newfoundland and Labrador the same rights as other provinces over oil and gas resources. The lies and misrepresentations.

But we are talking about health and justice, human life and human rights.

Note that Alberta, the only Province to announce a covid inquiry, does not deal in its terms of reference with holding those people responsible to be accountable for their actions. Or that the Inquiry has been approved by the representatives of the people, The Legislature. Nor was the inquiry an important issue in the recent election in that Province.

Why is Canada behaving this way?



The Honourable A. Brian Peckford P.C. is the last living First Minister who helped craft the Charter of Rights. 

Watch –  Leaders on the Frontier: Brian Peckford on Saving Canada’s Democracy | Frontier Centre For Public Policy (  January 20, 2022.



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