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Should Canada Ban Trans Fats?

A ban on trans fats is premature. The relative risk numbers for trans fats from a number of studies are too low to cause alarm. The ban will make food more expensive and open Canada to trade retaliation. A better recourse is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Top of the Flops

THE best police forces in Britain are up to four times more likely to catch criminals than the worst. New “performance indicators” for area divisions show an alarming variation in detection rates.

Eco-imperialism Won’t Save the Environment

Mr. Driessen calls this “eco-imperialism,” an effective term that appeals to the disdain for the domination of vulnerable or weak societies by the more powerful. This resonates with rural Canadians, especially those engaged in the fur trade and commercial forestry, some of whom are the chief victims of this sort of arrogance.